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On tonight’s Mets game broadcast on WFAN, Howie Rose has said Doc Gooden’s signature, that stirred up so much controversy, has been moved to the bullpen area.

I’m not happy about that. Why all the way over there? Why not right outside Ebbett’s Club? It’s almost like they are hiding it.

I really do want to know where the Mets are putting everything now. This is ridiculous! Even I have to say that.

I can understand that there were things done by certain members of the team throughout the years, like Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, that the organization are afraid.

However, it is wrong not to honor what helped you get your second championship.

For all who go to the future games, you have another thing to take pictures of.

Oh well! At least it is still around. I will have pictures of the signature up tomorrow. Someone said they will take a pic of it for me and send it to me.

Leave your comments for me. Let me know what your thoughts are about this.

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Phil Groh

I agree. Doc helped this team to its second world series. Despite his personal life being a real mess for a while, he should be honored for his contributions. The Mets would not have won their second world series without him!


i saw on another blog an idea to rename the Ebbets Club the “Shea Club”. the Promenade is for real fans, it shouldn’t even have a club, and should be called the Upper Deck. I was looking for the Doc autograph on Saturday and couldn’t find it. you should see what I wrote recently about the stadium.


I just want to rename the entire Promenade the Upper Deck. And remove the restriction on the club (without adding to ticket prices for non-club tickets). The clubs in general create tension.


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