Manuel Needs a Day Off?

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Mets fans need a day off.

Daniel Murphy needs some time off.

David Wright needs a day off.

Yet Jerry Manuel is saying he needs one?

Can you really blame him? His team is playing…well…there is no word I can use to describe it.

Manuel was asked by reporters if he thinks David Wright needs a day off to see if that would do him any good, he replied with :

I need a day off.

Sorry Jerry. No rest for the weary!

But that does bring up an interesting point. Do you sit Wright so that he can get his head together?

I would! Granted tonight he got a single after he shaved his head, but I think it would do him some good.

Now if he gets on a streak, he gets no rest. You ride his streak.

I think managers do lose sight of the fact that rest does help their players. They want to keep playing the same guy in hopes they’ll get it together. Sometimes they don’t.

You have to sit them in order for them to just sit back and really evaluate what it is they are doing wrong.

You can allow them to hit in batting practice to try to get their swing going.

If a pitcher is struggling, let them throw live BP if there is an extra day off.

You have to do things out of the box to get results. When you have exhausted all of the traditional things to do when a hitter is struggling or a pitcher is not making his pitches, you have to be unconventional.

Stop being afraid to make moves you know you need to make, Jerry!

This is New York. We are anything BUT traditional! The Mets are not a traditional organization.


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