No Concept of “Sweep”

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I’m thinking maybe the Mets just do not understand what the term “sweep” means.

Here’s Tanya’s Dictionary:

sweep v. :  1. beating the opposing team in all three or four games you play against them. 2. pounding the bad team into the ground while beating them in every game you play in a series.

They were so close to accomplishing this.

It’s a shame really! Maybe shame is to nice of a word. Let me try again. It is disgusting, embarressing, appalling…I think that about covers it.

It was the Washington Nationals for heaven’s sake. Not the Boston Red Sox.

Then again, the pitcher does not seem to understand what it means to beat up on a bad team. Instead, our pitcher, Oliver Perez, allows the other team to beat up on us.

Not that you can completely blame him. Partial blame can be handed over to Daniel Murphy. Children learning to walk fall less than this guy does in the outfield. Can somebody please help him?

It was a “sweep” weekend here in New York and over in Boston. Everyone had their brooms out. Mets fans were thinking, “We got this” while Yankee fans were thinking, “Why us?”.

Perez just cannot get it done when it matters. You can say that he does well against the great teams.

What does that matter if he cannot do it against the bad teams?

These are the games that can cost the Mets everything.

If the Mets had pounded into the Washington Nationals last year, they would’ve made it into the playoffs.

If they had beaten up on the San Francisco Giants last year, they would’ve made it into October.

So once again, as always, the Mets miss a chance to move up in the standings as the Philadelphia Phillies mananged to kick the butt of the Florida Marlins this weekend for us.

Now the Mets are stuck facing the Marlins who are going to be looking at the Mets as, “Easy Peesey“. No, I’m not sure if I spelled that right.

I really am embarressed by this team.

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Ed Leyro

How are the Mets going to get the respect of anyone in the National League if they keep losing to teams they should beat handily? These were the Washington Nationals, a team that had lost 16 consecutive road games going back to last year. The Bad News Bears could beat them WITHOUT Kelly Leak.

The least Ollie could’ve done is keep the game close so the Mets could have a chance in the late innings against the flawed Nats bullpen. He couldn’t even do that! Actually, the least Ollie could’ve done is BEATEN THEM! Oy vey, I need an antacid…


If the Mets were to sweep the Marlins and then sweep the Phillies..the respect from fans and players around the NL will slowly begin to grow. Get it done Mets !


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