No Team Unity

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Apparently, according to Howie Rose on WFAN during the Mets game, when Omir Santos was put in the game to pinch-hit for Ramon Castro in the ninth inning against Matt Lindstrom of the Marlins, blockhead Castro did not take too kindly to that.

Thanks to MetsBlog for pointing this out.

Instead of supporting his teammate, he walked out of the dugout and into the clubhouse.

There’s loyalty for you!

Mommy! Mommy! The big meanie manager took me out of the game.Stomps feet on ground.

Grow up Castro! Last time I checked, the Mets are a “team“. There is no  “I” in “team“.

It’s no wonder the blockhead is on his way out with this organization.

He’s the first one that does not play hard. He’s been a pain on this Mets team. From oversleeping and arriving late to games to now throwing tantrums.

If this was going to be the case, the Mets should’ve just gone ahead and brought in Manny Ramirez. Nobody says I better than him.

So let’s see. I think we’ve identified the problem with the Mets. They are as follows:

  1. No heart.
  2. No courage.
  3. Not united.
  4. Cannot hit with RISP. (Did you hear me David Wright? I’m talking to you boy! Pay attention when I’m talking to you boy!)

Did I cover everything? Feel free to add your own to the list.

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love your website. good luck and keep it going. about wright, like that he is homegrown and grew up a tides/met fan, but he is overrated. i know he puts up very good numbers, but he is a bigtime choker. And this just may be who he is. perhaps the mets should consider trading him after he starts to puts up better numbers, likely after this season or better yet june/july, obviously for top end prospects or similar value perhaps for longoria straight up, although i think we would have to add more.

with castro, the fact that he got pisses after being pulled for an unproven, righty hitting, younger catcher (career minor leaguer) from PR no less, after getting 2 hits is not about team. it’s understandable.

Tanya Mercado

Castro is from Puerto Rico too. What does where a player comes from have do with it? I’m curious to know because apparently quite a few people are making a thing about this.

Every player is unproven when they come up from the minors. I don’t care who the player is. They could dominate in the minors and bomb in the majors. Alex Escobar is the perfect example of this. You have to give them the chance to prove themselves.

Though I will admit yesterday’s game was not that time.


btw, this not a knock on santos i think he is a better catcher than both schiender and castro (both mediocre mlb catchers) with better speed, better arm and perhaps even a better bat (although he is unproven and his minor league number are unimpressive). sometimes, minor league number mean nothing and we hit lighting in a bottle. trade them both or release them both and bring up rivera to back up santos. shake it up!


I didn’t agree with the move yesterday, only because Castro had a good day at the plate. And it is tough to come and pinch hit against a guy who throws 98 and has a good slider.

However, winning is what the team should be about. You stay and support your team. Castro, didn’t handle himself like a professional.


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