Now or Never!

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This is the weekend where the New York Mets can make their presence known as legit competitors. They cannot afford to stumble.

The Phillies have made it known how much they hate the Mets. Not that I can really blame them. I mean, after all, nobody really cared about the Phillies. They were fourth class citizens in their city behind the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and Soul teams. Make that fifth class.

From making the Mets a part of their celebrations (not in a good way) to calling them “choke artists”, the Phillies have made it clear how they feel.

Well not it is time for the Mets to show them how they feel about the Phillies.

They need to come out pitching, swinging, and playing stellar defense. There is no room for mistakes in this series. They have to make the Phillies eat their words.

I don’t want to hear from Jerry Manuel or David Wright that they have to figure out how to get it done.

Time has run out! If you haven’t figured it out now, you won’t figure it out at all.

Make your mark NOW! Take your claim NOW! Make some noise NOW!

It’s now or never Mets fans.

Now is not the time to turn your backs on this team.

You have to get behind them!

You have to make some noise!

Let the Mets hear you all the way to Philadelphia. The Mets are your team to the bitter end. Show them that, despite they have not shown us much.

Wear your colors with pride. Bleed orange and blue!

Remember this, the Mets beat the Phillies in the first series together last year. So anything is possible.

Never give up hope! Yes, you know it’s coming:


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I love this Blog..I’m ready to Rock my orange and blue all the way to Philly. I’m Amped to the fullest. LETS GO METS ! Make them Phillies choke on a cheesestake !


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