Perez To Go…

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…to the bullpen.

This is not good. Like I said on Mets Merized Online in the comments section, I can understand the logic of keeping Oliver Perez in the majors versus sending him down to the minors.

Everyone has been talking about his confidence. Perez probably has none. If I were him, I wouldn’t.

If you keep him in the majors, you are basically telling him that you have some type of faith in him. You know he can get the job done, fix himself and you want him to do it on the major league level.

You want him to work the major league pitching coaches, not the minor league coaches.

One thing that Perez needs is the one thing he can never give in return, and that is consistency and stability. If you send him down to the minors, you mess with that.

This whole situation with Perez is mental. He needs to see a psychiatrist.

Yes, you read right. I am very serious. Slip him a prozac or something.

Do keep in mind, the option to send him down to the minors is still on the table. From what I understand, this is a stopover move.

According to the Daily News, this is the same move Jerry did with Jon Garland and James Baldwin “which allowed them to rediscover their success and return to the rotation“.

I do have to laugh at what Jerry said about bringing Perez into a game:

He won’t be the first guy I call. There’s no question about that.

“That’s right! Why should you have confidence in the boy?

What is Jerry’s ideal case scenario? To bring in Perez to start an inning in relief when there are no guys on the bases.

Makes sense! This way he can’t blow a game.

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Jerry Manuel needs to make Perez the long man in the pen. Give him an inning or two to start getting him back on track. Perez needs to start feeling good about himself on the Mets. This can only happen with Manuel taking baby steps with Ollie.


Hey you gotta start somewhere right? Jerry should give him at least one inning and then take him out. This should be the case for the first 3 trips out of the bullpen. After that go to two innings and so on.


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