Serious Problems With Mets Organization

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Curious? Yes I am bringing this up because I am tired of talking about the players too.

Here it is so simply a child can understand it:

People placed in power are afraid of their higher-ups.

Did you catch that?


I’ll say it again for you:

People placed in power are afraid of their higher-ups.


Well think about it. A lot has happened over the past few days, other than the Oliver Perez story.

Yours truly found out that Jerry Manuel wanted to pull Oliver Perez from the rotation awhile ago, but was pressured to keep him there thanks to the front office.

Jerry is the manager. He knows what needs to be done for his players and his team. It’s his team to manage. This is why he is called Manager. What a concept, right?

Omar Minaya is afraid of the Wilpons. This is the only reason I can come up with as to why certain players were not signed no matter how much they can improve the team.

It is also probably a reason why Minaya would backtrack from his comments that the team lacks an edge. I’m sure that is something the Wilpons would not be too happy about.

The GM and Manager need to tell their respective higher-ups to butt out.

I know! It sounds easier than it actually is, but it makes you think.

If Minaya really had control like he wanted, don’t you think Manny Ramirez would’ve been signed? Maybe Derek Lowe too.

Don’t bring up the Madoff scandal. It would’ve happened this way despite it.

If Jerry was actually allowed to manage his team and not be managed himself, we would not be seeing Perez in the rotation right now.

I think it is rather sad that the people who get paid to manage the club, are managed themselves. Actually, maybe calling them puppets would be a better word.

Bottom line, pardon the crude expression: These men need to grow a set.

If they did, the team would be somewhat better.

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Interesting observation. i was starting to think this too. Last year, there was talk that Tony Bernazard was going behind people’s backs around the time Willie Randolph was fired. Now we have the handling of Oliver Perez’s phantom injury and real mechanical/psychological problems (and whatever other types of problems he has). Not having the gag order on Perez initially on Saturday was a good clue that there was a problem. I’m sure the Wilpons aren’t stepping into the baseball-side of the club – they have enough problems that they aren’t dealing with from the fan’s reactions to the ballpark – but I wonder how much control Omar really has, or if someone is trying to side-step him that shouldn’t be.

Tanya Mercado

I don’t think Minaya has the control he did when he originally signed with the Mets as their GM. That much was even acknowledged after the ’07 collapse. Jeff Wilpon is more involved with the baseball side of the organization.


I predict, 22 weeks from today, the first day of the off-season for the Mets, that Omar Minaya will be relieved of his duties.


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