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New York Mets GM Omar Minaya feels his comments were misinterpreted.

How do you misinterpret what he said?

In case you missed it, Minaya made the comment to columnist, Ken Rosenthal:

There is a smile on David Wright’s face, a smile on Jose Reyes’s face. But there is not an edge to them.

Now he is backtracking. Why?

If he was wrong in his comments, I can understand why he would take a step back. He’s not wrong! He is absolutely correct.

I would give Minaya kudos for his comments. He sees what we all see. He should not have to apologize for it. Let your team know exactly what you think.

Is this because of the Wilpons? So what! You tell them that you realized what one of the problems are. Plain and simple!

While ladies love to see the smile on Wright’s face, I for one would rather him be serious and just hit the ball. I have noticed that he has started to do that.

Enough of the “photo op” moments on the field. Even Gary Sheffield, whom Minaya brought over to add more attitude and grit to the team, agrees with the statement.

Sheff told the Post this:

You didn’t make it to this level if you ain’t competitive. It’s there, it’s just got to come out…We’ve got to learn how to play with intensity when we’re losing.

To those who disagree with the celebrations by certain players, Sheff goes on to say:

You got to celebrate when you’re doing well. You got to be up there on the top step of the dugout letting teams know, ‘We’re going to beat you.’ If you do that, teams will quit a lot of times.

I have to say I am loving Gary Sheffield more and more. He’s smart. He’s great at what he does and knows what he is talking about.

What separates Sheff from a lot of other players is he always had “that refuse-to-lose mentality. If someone said I couldn’t do something, I’m not going to give you the satisfaction to see that you’re right.”

So there you have it. Everybody is calling out the players: from the media, to the GM, to teammates, to the fans.

2009 New York Mets: You have been put on notice.

Omar Minaya: You never backtrack from what you believe is true. If you feel the team lacks the edge, you say it and stick with it. Nobody will fault you for that. They may actually respect you for it.

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Always have been a Shef fan, he’s got a “i don’t care attitude” and speaks his mind….


Look first off great blog Tanya..ok i think we all (Fans and Media) can all agree that the Mets are soft. At least till the last few games vs the Braves. I love the fact that they seem to be fed up with all that’s been said about them..and are starting to show it on the field. If Jose Reyes and David Wright want to it after a Mets victory. I really hope they bring an ‘Edge’ vs the Phillies.


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