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What did you do when your mother or your father, maybe a teacher, got on your case? If your normal, you got angry. I know I certainly did.

Well, the Mets have been scolded…offended. Everybody is taking shots at them.

Their GM has said they have no edge calling out David Wright and Jose Reyes.

The fans think they are worthless and are pretty much fed up with them.

Teammates seem to think the team is comfortable.

The manager wants a day off because the team has put more stress on him than his wife probably ever did.

So how would a team respond to something like that? The only way they can: They got angry! They played angry.

Ramon Castro was fed up when Jerry Manuel pulled him out of the game last week against the Marlins.

How did he respond? He was 3-for-5 tonight.

David Wright has had it with people getting on his case. He even had a couple of confrontations with the umpires in tonight’s game.

He had a decent enough night going 2-for-5 with a double and an RBI. I heard he had a little tantrum in the dugout too.

Luis Castillo missed a ball he should’ve caught and threw his glove on the ground. Some would say it was unprofessional.

I say: Good for you! He is showing he actually cares. Last year he would not have done that.

So what is their message to everybody getting on their case?

You want angry? Here’s your angry. Now leave us the hell alone!

Well! I most certainly will not. I’ll keep needling them all the way until the end of the season. It will keep them on their toes.

Most people disagree with making people upset. It can drive people to do maddening things. In the case of sports, it serves as the best motivator.

You want your team to play their hearts out, piss them off. Embarress them.

Go ahead and disagree with me. The Mets have proven me right.

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Good..Let em get mad. I’m so happy to see Castillo get pissed, even if his error did not cost the Mets. David Wright getting pissed in the dugout after popping up with risp. Yeah…real good too see.


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