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Many thanks to my sister, Nikki, for this awesome graphic. I think she did a great job.

Look for some new graphics for you to put on your myspace pages coming during the summer. She will be attempting to do icons. So you can look forward to that too.

I will be working on the coding for all of the graphics. Something to look forward to in the summer.

citi field

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Well done Nikki i’ll make sure to put one of your graphics on my page.

Ed Leyro

Looks fantabulous, as if the heavens are looking down upon our beloved Metsies! Nikki is blessed with talent. It must run in the family!

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Ed. That’s so sweet of you to say. She is really talented and I cannot wait until she does more for me. She does it in her spare time. Kelly actually explained to her how to do one graphic that I hope she’ll do for me.

NYR – Nikki would love it if you put it on your page. I would love to really try to promote her. I’m hoping other people will do the same.


omg great going nicole!! i’m sooo proud of u 🙂 doing the mets justice with this pic


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