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I have to thank Yankee fans for being my inspiration for this blog. Apparently a Yankee fan called up WFAN the other nigh and said that he is ready to jump ship with his Yankees to root for the Mets.

My response: Please do not do us any favors.

This particular Yankee fan said the Mets are a much more exciting team to watch right now. The New York Mets, have what it takes to win and they are on the cusp of taking this city back.

Mets fans everywhere love to hear that.

Here’s what I have to ask: Why abandon your team? If you are a true fan, you do not say “goodbye” to your team to root for another team, especially the cross town rival.

I have to say I am rather disgusted with Yankee fans. They have the most dominant closer in the history of baseball in Mariano Rivera, and yet the “boo” him because he gave up a run here and there.

Seriously? That man has won more games for the Yankees than any other pitcher for that organization. Show some respect.

The only thing I can tell Yankee fans right now is, “Welcome to the real world”. Nobody stays dominant forever. You cannot blame Joe Girardi for that. This was something GM Brian Cashman should’ve been aware of. Not only is Rivera getting old, he is coming off of surgery. He should’ve signed a guy to be the future closer when Mo is gone.

Cashman should’ve looked into signing Francisco Rodriguez. Oh wait! That’s right! He’s a New York Met. So is JJ Putz. Well, he could’ve signed former Washington National, Chad Cordero.

You will find few Yankee fans these days since the team is not playing their best. As their history proves, few stick with the team when they are not playing well. They either begin to watch “exciting baseball” in the New York Mets (and who can blame them with the team winning six games straight and in first place?) or they don’t watch baseball at all.

WFAN has become the home of “Yankee Therapy” sessions. We have all heard the endless complaints of the not-so-dedicated Yankee fans.

This is not to say that Mets fans are any more loyal. So many were throwing the Mets under the bus too, DESPITE the Mets history of always doing bad in the beginning of the baseball season. You guys can stand to take a course in Mets history.

I will say this. The Mets are playing exciting baseball. You cannot blame Yankee fans for wanting to watch and root for the Mets. As they did last year, the Mets are overcoming big deficiencies in their line-up, like a clutch-hitter and a solid rotation. Our new bullpen has even let us down a few times.

Yet, the New York Mets have jumped four teams in the past week, conquering their division rivals to overtake the top spot for the first time since the 2009 season began.

When it seemed the Mets were just not going to click on all cylinders, they have managed to put a string of games together to make a six game winning streak. When a Met hits a home run in Citi Field, it is something to admire for it is not an easy feat, unlike Yankee Stadium where the ball can take four steps and be out of the park.

Yes, my friends. You cannot blame Yankee fans for wanting to root for the New York Mets. You cannot blame them for giving up on their team. With all the money they have spent, as usual, they really do not have anything to show for it except getting swept by their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, twice.

I only ask the Yankee fans keep the bad karma in the Bronx. The Mets have had enough to deal with in the 2009 season, thank-you-very-much.

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Subway Squawkers

While it is true that *some* Yankee fans are dolts who boo their own team, you could say that about every team. I seem to remember a whole bunch of Met fans booing Johan Santana on Opening Day last year.

And you can’t judge the entire fan base by one dopey sports radio caller. As for that clown, I say, Good Riddance!


As i sit home watching the Mets destroy the Bucs on Mother’s Day. I must say that Yankees fans for the most part just make me laugh. At my job i have almost every Yankee fan saying they will not watch them because they cannot take the lifeless play of their team. They wanted Torre to go and now he’s doing his thing in LA LA Land, And here in NY those same ‘fans’ now want Joe Girardi fired. Seeing all this only proof that even with their 26 titles, NY has been and always be a NL Town. All those Yankees bandwagon fans are now coming to the Citi now. I’ll never respect those ‘Fans’..so sad !

Phil Groh

Well said! True fans stick with their team through thick and thin. Yankee fans are welcome to watch our beloved Mets, but they’ll have to leave their bad karma in the Bronx!

Ed Leyro

These Yankee fans probably weren’t there before 1996. Now that the Yankees are disappointing them, the fans aren’t finding their team interesting enough to follow. That’s what bandwagon fans are like. Mets fans stick with their team no matter what. We’ve had two consecutive difficult endings to seasons, yet we’re still here supporting our team. Jump ship if you want. Just don’t jump onto our ship!


Yankee fans from the “current” era are mostly arrogant fans who think “the world isn’t right if the Yankees aren’t a winning team”. they’ve sickened me and have for many years. they can’t handle the team not winning, and it’s what helped me get through last season when the Mets blew another one. in some ways, it doesn’t surprise me that they’re jumping ship. we don’t want them! maybe they’re jumping on our bandwaggon because they can’t stand losing their team and their home (I’ve had a Yankee fan tell me that she likes the new shea “100 times better” after having been to a couple games at each place). i’ve stuck it out with the Mets since 1986-87, and that includes the “worst team that money could buy” in 1992 and that mini-era and the the teams from earlier this decade. i’m not like those Yankee fans – i’m not jumping ship from the Mets.

King of the Citi

WOW!! Are you kidding me. Its nice that someone wants to be a Mets fan but not under these circumstances. I wouldnt want this guy as a Mets fan. Anyone who defects because their favorite team is playing bad outta be shot. Im a Mets fan til the core even in the 90’s when they was bad I never found myself becoming a Yankees fan even though they won 4 championships in that time frame. Basically this guy is a band wagon rider he cant handle his team getting their ass kicked so he runs to the team who has a better chance to win. Hey buddy if youre reading this Do us a favor and stay with the “winning team” stay where the 26 trophies is at. We dont want you here

Tanya Mercado

I agree. Today’s fans, and this goes for any team, need to learn you stick with your team through everything. I can understand if you are a baseball fan and you want to watch a Mets game. But to jump ship from your team to root for another is unacceptable.


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