Delgado Goes Down

By / May 11, 2009 / Injuries

I know you are all aware of the sore hip that Carlos Delgado is suffering from right now. Well, the news is not good. His hip is so bad the Mets may be forced to place him on the disabled list, says Adam Rubin of the Daily News.

Fernando Tatis is set to take over at first base for Delgado for the game tonight. It could be for more than just a day.

Before he is placed on the DL, Delgado wants to wait a few more days to see the soreness goes away. The AP is saying Jerry Manuel thinks it will be for more than one day that the first baseman is sidelined for.

Do not look for Nick Evans to be brought up, who has experience at first base. He is currently 7-for-75. So much for a great Spring Training.

Manuel will be looking to use Delgado as a pinch hitter should the situation arise.

Let’s hope it doesn’t. Delgado does not need any more setbacks. No matter what, team doctors have said rest will not help him. So you have to do what is best for the team and for Delgado.

I say try to avoid using him at all costs. Do not make things any worse than they already are. It hurts not to have his bat in the lineup considering he is hitting over .400 since he was sidelined for five games.

This is not good. I just the inflammation in his hip goes down and he can play again. The Mets are going to need him.

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I’m not so much concerned about Delgado going on the DL or just getting days off, but we REALLY REALLY need a real firstbaseman to back him up. We’ve already seen Tatis allow an infield hit by not being in the right position, and then we learned how well Delgado covers up David Wright’s throwing problems from third with that run-scoring error in the first.


I agree with DyHrdMet..Mets need to get a real 1st Baseman as a backup. How bout trading a Castro or Schneider and a few minor leaguers to the Indians for Ryan Garko. Just a thought..


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