Mets vs Braves Game 5-11-09

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What a horrible game this was!

As usual the Mets could give any type of run support to Johan Santana. Not that I can really blame the offense. The Mets were facing Derek Lowe. I knew it would be a tight game. Well, it was until the seventh inning rolled around.

One a night where the Mets were looking for win number eight to keep their streak alive, they lost. They looked like the team that started this season, not the team that has played their hearts out for the past seven games.

So you have to wonder what went wrong in this game. Jerry Manuel is the answer to that question.

It was the seventh inning and Santana had only thrown 108 pitches. Manuel decided it was time to pull him with a runner on first to bring in the bullpen. I did not understand this move. Santana can go up to 125 pitches. You push him to his limits. This is what you pay him for.

So the bullpen comes in and this is where everything went wrong. Sloppy defense by Jose Reyes caused two runs to score in the seventh when it should’ve been an out and the inning should’ve been over.

Then, as if it was not bad enough, Manuel left Pedro Feliciano in the game to face a guy who loves to hit against left-handers. What is that about? Are you kidding me?

Basically it was a poorly played and poorly managed game. Santana deserved better.

Mike Pelfrey is on the mound tomorrow. Let’s hope the Mets bounce back. It isn’t just that they can, they need to.

I have said it before. The Mets goal this week is to make a very loud statement to the National League East. This team has to play to and beyond their potential. There is no room for error here.

Tonight, they made too many, including the Manager.

By the way, Santana’s ERA is now .78.

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I was gonna go to tonights mondays game. Glad i changed my mind on that idea. Only two things good came out of mondays game. 1-Santana of course 2-Down six runs in the bottom of the ninth the Mets showed fight and did not go 1-2-3 they made the Braves sweat just a little. Mets must bounce back on tuesday with Big Pelf and take the rubber game with Niese.


Oh one more good thing out of mondays game. Jeremy Reed looked good with the bat. He should get a little more playing time.


I don’t think manuel is a game manager. Dare I say it, I think he is worst than Willie. His feel for the game, just isn’t right. Case in point. Down 6-2 in the bottom of the either and Reyes hitting. I would have called a hit and run on the 0-1 pitch. Soriano, has thrown the 0-1 fastball to Cora, and really likes to throw his fastball. As a manager, you need to feel that. Little things like that, casues losses. Not too concern with the lost last night, because the mets are going to lose again. I want the mets to play better tonight and tomorrow. I think if we win one of the next two games, we should be fine. The Mets play a Mannyless Dodger team and SF. They should go 5-2 on the west coast.

Tanya Mercado

You act like he has mismanaged the entire season. He hasn’t. I still think he’s a good manager. You will never fnd the perfect manager. Even Joe Torre mismanaged games.


True Tanya..Any manager out there all 29 other managers all have their shortcomings. Jerry Manuel does make some moves that i’ll disagree with like taking out Santana when he did last night. I would have let him finish the inning. But overall Manuel is doing a pretty good job.


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