Mets vs. Braves 5-12-09

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If you are the typical Mets fan, you had a bad feeling about this game. Once the Atlanta Braves were able to make it 3-o and Jerry Manuel pulled Mike Pelfrey out of the game, you knew things were going to go south. You probably heard that voice in your head go, “Here we go again. A great pitched game for nothing”.

Then we got to the eighth inning. The Mets managed to score two runs. Did you dare hope?

Probably. We always do. I myself got a little angsty and was not sure what to think.

Then it happened. What everyone wanted to see happen. Carlos Beltran stole third base in the ninth inning. That was the turning point for the game. Chipper Jones would argue the call. Tough! Tonight, things went the way of the Mets.

When interviewed by reporters, bitter Chipper had this to say about the call:

The umpire got it wrong. Don’t know why he got it wrong, but he did. Never had anyone slide into my glove and be safe before. We played a perfect game and had it taken away from us.

Well that sometimes happens. You cannot have everything in life Larry. Sometimes you get the call and sometimes you don’t. Tonight, the Braves did not get the call. On the replay, Beltran was actually out. But let’s not aruge it.

Beltran told reporters what was going through his mind when he thought about stealing third:

I got to get to third. Score on a sacrifice. It was a close play. Thank God I got it.

After Beltran stole third, he was sacrificed home to tie the game and we went into extra innings.

I guess I should skip to tell you how the Mets won. They won “a la Kenny Rogers”. On a bases loaded walk by none other than Beltran. He was the man tonight.

So the New York Mets are still in first place with the Philadelphia Phillies nipping at their heels.

Tomorrow is the rubber game on SNY at 1:10pm with the pre-game starting at 12:30pm. Hope you can all watch it. If not, and if you are stuck at work, do what I did: put on Gameday. It’ll get you through it.

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Ed Leyro

These are the Mets I expected to see since the season began, the never-say-die Mets! After David was thrown out at home trying to score on the sacrifice fly and Jose was thrown out at third trying to extend his double, I was starting to think of which second-guessing questions the media was going to ask Jerry Manuel in the post-game interview. After tonight’s performance, I believe in this team and games like this should have you all believing!


This was the type of game the Mets won during the 06 season. Mets are slowly getting that 06 swagger and it’s only a matter of time before they start to put some space between first and second. BIG WIN ! LGM !


A very good win! After losing game one, without your starting pitcher allowing an earned run, this game brought a lot of life into the Mets. I always think the mets have a chance. Even when Reyes got thrown out at 3rd, I said. Down by one. Playoff teams win games when they are down by one with 7 outs left. The mets looked like a playoff team. Big efforts by Frankie. Beltran was out, but we will take it. best moment of the game. Castillo hits the sac fly that brings home Beltran. And the dugout simply gave high fives. Nothing over the top. It told me as a fan, we are satisfy with just tying this game, we still have work to do, because we want to win this game!


Ha ha Beltran was so out…But it’s about time that we start getting these breaks. I am almost starting to get excited…I don’t want another letdown!


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