Dealing With Sudden Rash of Injuries

By / May 14, 2009 / Injuries

While the injury Carlos Delgado is suffering is hardly sudden, the injuries to other crucial players are.

You will notice the lineup is definitely worrisome, although the way Jose Reyes has been lousing things up on the base paths, we might be relieved.

Reyes is out tonight due to a stiff right calf. Alex Cora will be playing shortstop, while Luis Castillo bats lead-off. Fernando Tatis will still be playing first base.

According to WFAN, JJ Putz is not available for the next couple of days due to inflammation in his elbow. An MRI revealed a bone spur. There are no indications he will require surgery. He received a cortisone shot today in the elbow. So the eighth inning is up for grabs on a temp basis.

As for Delgado, the Mets have not made a decision to put him on the DL. There are reports that he is feeling better.

In other news, MetsBlog is reporting Fernando Martinez could be getting a call-up in June. Makes you rethink the Ryan Church rumors.

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I’d like to start a rumor that David Wright is injured too (but of course, playing through it). Seriously though, I wonder if his arm and/or shoulder are ok. He can’t seem to get throws over to first on the fly, and with Delgado out of the lineup and no real firstbaseman to back him up, there isn’t anyone who can pick most of them off, so it means the potential of more errors.

Tanya Mercado

You might as well say that for his whole career. I can honestly say I have no idea how he got those gold gloves. Who did he pay off?

Ed Leyro

It appears that with his newfound playing time, Sheffield is taking full advantage. He’s swinging a hot bat, which is crucial now that Delgado will be out for some time.


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