Delgado Gone For 10 Weeks

By / May 19, 2009 / Injuries

So there you have it. While the surgery was a success, Carlos Delgado will be out for at least 10 weeks. We’ll be welcoming him back after the All-Star break.

As you all already know, he had a torn labrum which was repaired today and a bone spur which was removed today in his right hip.

I do say I feel sorry for him. Delgado was doing really well this year. I hate not seeing him in the line-up. He always has that presence around him.

So now it comes down to what the Mets are going to do: make a trade or platoon guys. reports the Mets will stick with a platoon for now of Daniel Murphy, Fernando Tatis, and Jeremy Reed for first base.

This is not the exactly the best plan they have come up with. Murphy has enough trouble adjusting to left field without them throwing him to first base. They already tried that experiment during the winter league to no avail. Which is why they concluded he will play left field.

I do not mind Tatis playing first. It gives him more at-bats. I’m all for having him in the line-up. Besides that, he has not done too shabby of a job playing that position.

I would rather have Reed on the bench or in the outfield.

The other options the Mets have is to make a trade.

Washington Nationals’ first baseman, Nick Johnson has been mentioned to me. I have reservations about him. He is very injury prone.

The Mets have enough players on the DL. Do you want to bring another guy here who can get hurt easily? The end result will be the Mets will find themselves in the same situation the are already in…a need for a first baseman. So, I wouldn’t make that trade.

Johnson would just be a rent-a-player since his contract is up this year.

Someone else mentioned Aubrey Huff from the Orioles to me. I really have no opinion on him since I’ve never seen him play.

Nick Evans would have been the guy you bring up to play first base, but he has done so bad in the minors he was demoted to Double-A from Triple-A. So sad! Never was a fan of his.

I think the Mets are stuck with what they have. I think they’ll stay with the guys they have because there really is nobody to trade for other than Johnson.

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