The Drama That Is Church and Manuel

By / May 19, 2009 / Media

I am so sick of this already. There are Mets fans who have been saying the Mets need to trade Ryan Church and now, all of a sudden, they are defending him and want him to stay.

To the wishy-washy fans, shut up and stay off the airwaves. You people do not know if you are coming or going.

To those that are calling Jerry Manuel racist, you are an _______. Fill in the blank.

If you don’t know what has everyone so hot under the collar, here is a synopsis.

In last night’s game the Mets had a chance to take the lead in the bottom of the eleventh inning when Angel Pagan run across home plate. Unfortunately, Church did not touch third base so the run was erased.

Mets fans went into an uproar because Manuel did not come out to argue the call. Razor Shines told Manuel that Church did not touch third. So what is there to argue about?

Church made the mistake. Boohoo! Get over it!

What I DO have a problem with is the way Manuel addressed the situation during the press conference by telling the media “the player did not touch third base” or “go talk to that player”.

No matter what, Manuel should address Church by his name. If he’s just pissed off that his players keep botching up plays, well that’s one thing. But to come out and disrespect Church like that in front of the media, that was disgusting and uncalled for.

However, there was no reason for Manuel to come out of the dugout to defend Church. There was nothing to defend. If Church came out hoping up and down at the ump screaming that he did touch third, then I think Manuel would’ve come out to defend him.

No matter what, it looks like Church is on his way out. I’m not happy about it. I’ve always been a Ryan Church fan. I’m not sure what is going on here or what Church has done to piss off the organization.

This whole thing started, not just with the concussions last year, but when Minaya brought Gary Sheffield aboard.

People seem to think that Manuel had it out for Church since the beginning of Spring Training.


Manuel said during ST that Church was his right fielder and it left field would be a platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis because that is what worked last year.

This whole drama started with Omar Minaya bringing in Sheffield. I think Manuel is partial to Sheff because he was his manager before.

Whatever the situation is, it needs to be addressed. It is becoming something so stupid, that I refuse to address it anymore.

No matter! You should catch Mike Francesca’s show on WFAN tomorrow afternoon because he will address the matter with Jerry Manuel.

One more thing, Carlos Beltran was asked what happened with Church at third base. He said he did not know because he did not ask him. Why wouldn’t you ask your teammate what happened on such crucial play? That sounds a little dumb to me. I would want to know if I were him.

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Your wrong Manuel didnt say in ST that Church was his rf and Tatis and Murph would platoon in LF it was the opposite. He said there was going to be a battle for the job and then the very next day Murphy was handed the LF job. Trust me i know this for sure i was there those 2 days i live in florida and have ST tickets 4 the whole ST schedule


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