Peavy Remains With Pods

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Jake Peavy is not heading to the Chicago White Sox. Using his no-trade clause, he blocked the potential deal that was in place between the Chi Sox and the Padres.

I’m not sure why people thought he would go over there considering he has made it clear which teams he would wave his no-trade clause for.

Peavy has stated he wants to remain in the NL. Then again, so did CC Sabathia until he sold out to the Yankees.

Reports on said the Padres would have received pitchers  Aaron Poreda and young left-hander Clayton Richard as a part of the deal from the Sox.

So now I’m asking you guys. If you had a chance to bring Jake Peavy to the Mets, who would you be willing to give up?

Is the thought of having a rotation with Johan Santana and Peavy enticing enough to break the core and some top prospects?

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