Manuel Sings Praises for Martinez

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While everyone else in Metsland has been kill Ramon Martinez, including yours truly, Jerry Manuel has sung his praises.

Up until tonight, Martinez has been the one man that Mets fans have been getting on. I mean after all, he cannot hit and he cannot field. So what good was he, right?


Martinez did everything tonight. He fielded with the best of them and he was able to get a hit to raise his average to a whopping .100.

Alright! I will lay off him. For now!

I think he is on his way to redemption. He’s earned one night of me NOT getting on his case, and as you all know, that is NOT an easy task.

Manuel had this to say about Martinez during the postgame conference:

“He was tremendous tonight. He always has been a sure-handed defensive player. He was [just] still getting into [major league] baseball shape.”

For the most part, you really cannot argue with him. Martinez has had steady fielding numbers from his current percentage of .714 to 1.000 where he has been for a good portion of his career while playing different infielder positions.

Maybe we all have jumped the gun a little with Martinez. Who knows what we can get from him. If what he showed tonight is a sign of what he can give us consistently, I’ll cheer him on.

Now if only HoJo could do something with his bat. Hmmm!

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