K-Rod Is Back…Already?

By / May 24, 2009 / Injuries

Just when I think nothing could shock me anymore. This is something that even I’m stunned to hear.

Bart Hubbuch of the Post reported today that Francisco Rodriguez is back with the team after being in tears from back spasms before last night’s game against the Red Sox.

Rodriguez has stated that he is feeling great. The muscle relaxers he received at the hospital worked. He wants to close tonight.

That’s pretty funny. No chance in hell would I let him.

Jerry Manuel said the Mets will proceed with caution with him.

I do not think the Mets should use him. Let Rodriguez rest. They have JJ Putz. He can cover the closer’s role. This is another reason why he was brought here. Let him do it.

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i lost faith in the Mets medical staff a year ago in Atlanta, and nothing this season has been done to re-gain it. if nothing, it only justifies my views. they do need to proceed with caution with K-Rod and not force anything to make the situation worse, while not being stupid over having yet another player be unavailable for several games in a row.

Ed Leyro

I’d like to see the Mets blow someone out for a change. They’ve won five games on this road trip and all five games were won by three runs or less. If the Mets can get a few blowouts, then the decision not to use Frankie would be easier. Frankie says he feels fine. Only he knows that for sure. But this is a long season that’s not even a third of the way done. Get some blowouts and Frankie can feel MORE fine when they eventually do need him in a save situation.

Tanya Mercado

The Mets don’t need to blow anybody out. As long as the job gets done. They have Putz. You wanting them to blow someone out just adds pressure to them. They have enough of that thanks to all of their injuries.


Look i don’t care if the Mets win by 1 or 10 runs. Guys need to just play to their talent and even with the M*A*S*H unit the Mets have they should be ok. And so should Rodriguez.


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