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By / May 25, 2009 / Injuries

Contrary to what was reported yesterday on Sports Nite, Jose Reyes has stated that he is not yet ready to play. He is still hurting, as reported by Matthew Cerrone on MetsBlog.

Sports Nite originally stated that it looked like Reyes would be back tonight or tomorrow night because he was feeling better.

The Mets are playing the Washington Nationals. I do not see the need to have him play. Let him rest and get better.

Ramon Martinez is going to be playing shortstop. I say let him rest too since he was pulled in the eighth inning due to back pain from yesterday’s game against the Red Sox.

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Tanya Mercado

That’s where he should’ve been the whole time. It drives me nuts that after a few games, they still insisted he was day-to-day. The Mets hurt themselves that way because they end up being short on the bench.


They don’t do a good job of handling these situations. I say, if I guy can’t play for three consective days, then put him on the 15 day DL. I don’t understand why they fly guys cross country and then they have no idea why…. However, this just proves starting pitching goes a long way. The mets, with the line-up they have are still winning games. Because they are getting very good pitching. Keep it up!


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