Martinez Replaces Church Permanently

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I was talking with Jessica on Facebook and she asked what the point of bringing Ryan Church and Brian Schneider to the Mets.

Personally, the Mets are clearly trying to get both out. I do not see either being with the organization by the time this year is over.

The only reason the trade with the Washington Nationals happened, in my opinion, is to just be rid of Lastings Milledge. It worked.

Now the Mets are pushing Church to the wayside. They placed Church on the DL despite him stating he is fine and is ready to play tonight.

I’m not sure what the Mets have against Church. I think it is disgusting how they are treating him. They wait out Jose Reyes’ injury, but are quick to pull Church? The tests came out negative.

It’s clear the Mets want no part of him. Now that Fernando Martinez is in the majors, it begs the question what will become of Church.

Well it all depends.

If Martinez plays well, I expect Church to be trade bait to bring in a bat or a pitcher. The Mets can never have enough pitchers.

Should Martinez bomb like Alex Escobar or Lastings Milledge, Church may be around passed the deadline.

Either way, I think it is safe to say that Church will not stay with the Mets for 2010.

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I think they made the move to DL Church because of Beltran’s injury, and that they needed another outfielder. I remember a case of that either last year or the year before. somewhat ironic because they had injured infielders and activated more outfielders, and now they had to go buy another infielder (in theory we’re 4 deep at shortstop but sacrificed a somewhat healthy rightfielder).


DYHRDMET – you my friend are exactly right. The mets have no idea how to handle injuries, that is apparent. However, this is what i think happened. Omar and Manuel met. Omar likes Church, Manuel does not. And you have to listen to your manager; for some reason Manuel does not like him. It happens (remember Kobe and Shaq). So, with Beltran being unavailable until at least the weekend and uncertain for the near future. The mets could not risk, having Beltran and Church day to day and play with 3 and half outfielders. So, the decision was made to place Church on the DL. Because lets face it, you would rather wait on Beltran than Church. Church is a nice player but he isn’t an MVP caliber player. Yes, I think Church is trade bait, not because of Fernando Martinez (Met fans please don’t get too excited, let him develop first), but rather because of how Angel Pagan has been playing. Think of it, he can play all three positions in the outfield. He can bat first or second in the line-up. He already has some big hits (he hit the ball when church missed third), he has 4 steals, a strong arm. He would fit nicely in right if Church was traded. Thoughts?

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