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Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to introduce you to the newest New York Mets superstar, Fernando Martinez.

The wait is now over. With the Mets making the decision to place Ryan Church on the disabled list, the announcement we’ve been waiting to hear has now been made.

We will be seeing him in right field tonight and batting sixth in the lineup.

He is hitting .291 in the minors and slugging .552 with eight home runs, 15 doubles, 2 triples, and 28 RBI’s.

Tonight is going to be an exciting game.

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Ed Leyro

Those 25 extra base hits at Buffalo look mighty impressive. He might only be 20 years old, but he’s hitting like an experienced veteran. With a little more years under his belt, those doubles might turn into homers. I’m very much looking forward to the beginning of Fernando-mania!


I think we can’t get our hopes up just yet. His numbers are good in triple A, however, its triple A. He is very young, and I would like to see him learn a lot from his time up here. He should pick Beltran, Hojo, and other players brains. I am interested in seeing how he makes adjustments. I am sorry, I just never jump on young players until they prove it to me. Fernando needs to prove it first.


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