Disgraced By Mets Fans

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During the sweep of the Washington Nationals, I have to say I was completely disgusted by Mets fans for the treatment of Fernando Martinez.

Who the heck do you think you are “booing” a 20 year old kid who just came up yesterday from the minors? What gives you the right to “boo” your future superstar?

If you thought that he was going to come up swinging a hot bat, you were only kidding yourselves. Martinez just got to the majors. There is a difference between playing in the minor and playing in the majors. Not sure if you are aware of that.

I would’ve loved to have seen the kid get his first hit these past two games. Unfortunately, it did not happen. That is no reason to “boo” him.

Did he make a mistake in tonight’s game? Yes he did. He should’ve ran out the ball. He didn’t. Big deal!

Like you don’t make mistakes? Are you all of a sudden a thing of perfection? Far from it I can assure you.

Mets fans only embarrassed themselves.  Congratulations! I hope you’re proud of yourselves. Personally, I was disgusted.

Martinez made a fantastic catch in right field. How quickly you forgot that.

I was ashamed to be a Mets fan tonight. You should have given Martinez support. The way you booed him, you were ready to ship him back to Triple-A.

The kid made a mistake. Get over it! If it was a veteran like Wright or Reyes who made that mistake, go ahead and “boo”. Not the new kid!

Martinez knew he made a mistake and apologized for it during the postgame report.

Deal with it. Get over it. Now support the kid.

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I was pissed too at the booing of Martinez by Mets fans tonight. If i were Jerry Manuel i would have yanked Martinez out of the game right there. Too many vets on the Mets have made dumb mistakes like this and for a 20 year out rookie to make such a bonehead move. Yeah Jerry really should have taken him out right there. A message needed to be made ! But for Mets fans to boo him the way that they did, yeah that was uncalled for. I guess these are the same group of ‘fans’ who booed Mike Piazza the first few weeks as a Met in 98 due to a slow start. How bout last year booing Santana in April after a so so outing vs the Brewers. Now those same ‘fans’ want Piazza’s number retired and love Santana now. It really pisses me off and i’m proud to say that i was at Citi Field tonight and i did NOT boo Martinez at all. I for one know the Cheers are right around the corner for Martinez and i’ll be right there for it.

Tanya Mercado

Excellent points NYR. I agree that Jerry probably should’ve pulled him out. I don’t remember the fans booing Piazza. Thanks for bringing that up.

Efrain Velazquez

I totally agree with you Tanya. Instead of being booed our future star needs to be embraced and encouraged. I mean come on it’s his first trip to the majors, I’m pretty sure he’s still on that natural high of finally being called up. He made a mistake sure but we need to remember he ‘s still learning. Let’s boo those who deserve it, for example Carlos Beltran not sliding into home and getting himself tagged out or Jose Reyes last season trotting around the bases thinking he had a Homerun when in fact he didn’t and therfore only ending up on second when he could’ve been on third. Unfortunatley our back to back collapses in 07′ & 08’ has made a lot of us Met fans bitter and impatient, which is understandable but let’s not be hasty. Martinez has only been in the major FOR 2 GAMES ONLY so cut him some slack people!!

Ed Leyro

I couldn’t believe those boos last night. Were these the same fans who cheered him when he made the nice catch against the bullpen fence on the ball hit by Adam Dunn just a few innings earlier? Save your boos for “Sweet Caroline”, not for Fernando!


May I begin by saying that I don’t encourage booing. However, met fans are baseball fans. And as a baseball fan what Fernando Martinez did was unacceptable. Jerry Manuel should have pulled him out of the game and sat him the next game. The very first thing you learn as a youngster is to run after you hit the ball. Any of you that have gone to little league games have seen a kid hit a pop up, clearly foul and is running to first. Because that is what he was taught. Fernando Martinez has done nothing at the major league level. He does not get a pass. The met organization does a very bad job of pumping their players up. Because he is a young player and trying to make an impression, he should have been standing on first before the ball was on its way down. My father and I, both said, this is the type of kid who we would cut in high school. Please, met fans, remember Fernando Martinez has done nothing for the mets yet. He is not a star. He is a prospect. He is also making a lot more money than we are, the least he can do is run hard 90 feet every time. What if he did that, 2 outs, 9th inning, runner on third, game 7 world series? I bet, every met fan would have been pissed off. If I was at citifield, I would have NOT have booed. But, I am glad he was booed, since clearly his manager couldn’t do the job. I bet Fernando heard those boos, he will be running everything hard for now on. Lesson learned.

Please met fans, I urge you, don’t make kids superstars until they have proven it. Baseball is a very difficult game. Remember Victor Diaz? How about Jason Phillips….

kranepool society

I’m not for booing players but there is no way in the world you can excuse Martinez for not running out that ball. Manuel should have yanked him from the game. Youth is no excuse for non hustle I saw this happen last year in Brooklyn as Josh Satin didn’t bust it down the line on a ground ball and Edgar Alfonzo nearly popped a blood vessel giving him holy hell as he should have.

Don’t diss the Mets fan though all they want are players who bust their ass every game.


listen…ny fans are tough and if you wanna play in this city you better have thick skin! i have no problem with the kid being booed. none at all. i remember piazza being booed. we had not even signed him to his extension and he was booed. maybe im a little older but i remember plenty of fan favorites being booed! you take it to the extreme with your displeasure, and its a little comedic. maybe if you spent alot for your tickets you would understand this a little better. being tough on this “has been never was” may make the kid a better player later. before you rant and get all pissy…think about how many times d-wright gets booed.


Rant and get Prissy !?! Are you kidding me Ziggy ? Does that mean i’m getting ‘Prissy’ too ? Dude you just don’t get it. I’m one of those fans who feels if a Mets player is giving it his all i won’t boo him. In the case of Martinez the kid had a brainlock and screwed up. S**t happens get over it. Fans who boo their players when they’re going thru a slump is just plain stupid. I guess we know where you are on this one. I’d rather get up and try to pump up a Mets player who’s in a funk or who made a mistake. No wonder a lot of star players do not want to play in NY. it’s because of ‘Fans’ like you. I bet if the Mets were in 4th place right now you would not go to one game at Citi Field ! But of course the Mets are a good ballclub so a ‘Fan’ like you will show up and boo a Met just for the thrill of it. Mets fans like you make me sick..do us all a favor and go take your act to the Bronx.

efrain rivera

i agree to a certain extent. cant blame met fans for booing. it was not for performance it was for the mental lapse or lack of hustle. this kid is our future and us met fans dont need negative reminders of our past. recent past. this is not a johan situation from last year when they booed him. that was insane but the kid has to earn his stripes and not running a ball out is not acceptable especially after the results of the past two years. that being said i still agree we need to give the kid a chance and yes they booed piazza after the trade in 98. he struggled for awhile and fans got frustrated with him. i was fuming cause i thought they would run him out of town nut good thing for us he stayed and gave us memorable moments. like the comeback against the braves with that big eight inning. i was there!!! still my best met game attended. i thought the top deck was going to collapse. just to think i almost left before that inning. lets hope that f mart can give us some memorable moments as did the mets of yesteryear and yesterday. BLUE AND ORANGE RULE


Efrain, I was at the Met/Braves game also! What a game… And yes, I thought it was going to collapse as well. I remember Melvin mora having a good at bat. When he shot that ball down the left field line, I thought it was going to be a double and then it hit the retired numbers, wow, what a game. But, not the best I attended. I was there, when the Mets beat the angels. Marlon Anderson hit an inside the park homerun against K-rod to tie it in the 9th. The angels scored a run in the top of the 10. And Cliff floyd hit a walk off two run homerun in the bottom of the 10th. Best part, he had hit a foul ball that was just right of the right field foul pole that would have won the game two pitches earlier.


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