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By / June 3, 2009 / Injuries

Everyone needs to calm down.

Why is it that is our natural reaction to panic when we here “strain of flu”? Right away everyone assumes it is the swine flu.

There are too many conflicting reports to definitively say whether or not someone in the organization has the swine flu.

Rumors are making its way through the internet and my cellphone that it is Carlos Beltran.

For the record, it is not him.

From numerous reports I have read in the newspapers and online, it was an SNY producer who might possibly have the fatal illness. Nothing is being confirmed,but both the NY Post and Daily News are claiming it is Dan Barr.

Beltran is being assumed by numerous outlets to have it as well despite no reports are confirming it.

Adam Rubin of the Daily News is reporting Beltran will be tested for the disease, but it can take up to a week to receive the results.

The Mets have stated that it was a stomach virus that has crippled both the centerfielder and John Maine.

However, few believe this to be true. Most stomach viruses last only 24 hours. It can take up to 48 hours to get to full strength again.

Assistant GM John Ricco told this to the Daily News about Beltran and Maine:

What they had is more of a viral, gastrointestinal issue….The advice we’re still getting is it’s one of those that should move through the system.

Beltran is also going through more tests for a possible ulcer.

There are many things that can be happening right now. Everybody just needs to relax and wait for the test results.

Just keep them in your prayers and hope for the best case scenario, that it is just a curable illness.

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I’ll pray for the SNY employee,Beltran and Maine. Boy if the Mets were to go all the way this year,it’ll be bigger than what the 69 Mets did with all they have dealt with this year.


We need our Carlos’s . I can’t believe I am saying that since I was one of the ones wanting Delgados head at the beginning of last year. But beltran can carry this team when he gets HOT!


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