Burnett Gets Suspension

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Well, well, well! Would you look at that!

New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett has been suspended by MLB for throwing over the head of Nelson Cruz. Naturally, he filed an appeal.

Seriously? Take your suspension. You throw at a guy’s head and you want to walk away scot free? You should be taken out by your pitching arm and beaten.

I have little tolerance for head hunters.

In the same game, Texas Rangers pitcher Vincent Padilla hit Mark Texeira twice. He was fined. Texeira did not take too kindly to that. He was foaming at the mouth and let out a couple of choice words for the pitcher.

Look, both were wrong. You do not go head hunting and you do not hit the same guy twice. It looks like a personal vendetta.

They’re all children.

Did I mention Burnett received a fine on top of that too? Of course Yankee fans are crying because they think Padilla should have been fined as well.

Are you kidding? You want to compare Padilla hitting Texeira on the glutes to Burnett nearly hitting a guy in the head? Not exactly the brightest thing in the world.

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I was not surprised by what A.J.Burnett did with his little head hunting act. It’s not the first time he thru at a players head. Burnett is also known as a hot head going back to his days as a Marlin. He even got hot headed a few times when the Marlins played the Mets. Now Yankees fans are crying because he’s gone for 6 games. So typical..give me a break !


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