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By / June 4, 2009 / Press Conferences

It seems Jerry Manuel has taken his wisdom pills.

Earlier today, the manager made the announcement that J.J. Putz is being pulled from the role of set-up man.

Who is replacing him? Who better than the Mr. 100 mph Bobby Parnell?!

After all of the erratic outings, the most recent and disastrous being on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates of all teams, Manuel had enough.

Now wait a minute. This does not mean that Mets fans can relax. It isn’t like he will not be pitching at all. Instead of being the eighth inning guy, he is the seventh inning guy.

Oh this is just lovely! So we can get stressed out one inning sooner.

The manager did speak with Putz about this before making the announcement and Putz was in agreement.

He had this to say on Mets.com:

…it could “eliminate stress.”

That is the lamest excuse in the book. If you cannot handle the stress, get out of the game. Retire! There is stress in every game.

You mean to tell me if your team has the lead by one run, the bases are loaded, with nobody out, and the skipper calls you in the game, you are not going to be stressed?

Oh brother did you choose the wrong career!

Well the reason for Putz going kaputz is mechanical. So they will be trying to “fix” him. He’s had this problem since last year in Seattle.

None of the scouts noticed this? Somebody is not doing their job. Why do we get the damaged guys?

So Dan Wharthen and company will be working on this trying to straighten him out. I hope they do. The Mets were supposed to have the best bullpen in the bigs.

While Manuel said this is a temporary move, he did state if Parnell does a great job in the set-up role, he could keep it for a longer time than planned.

Well isn’t that great news for Putz?! He would not have any stress to deal with.

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I guess that move down didn’t help him today either. His performance this year reminds me of the bullpen last year!


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