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By / June 4, 2009 / Rumors

Red Sox Prospectus reports WEEI spoke with ESPN’s Buster Olney today. Olney reported the Phillies have contact the Red Sox inquiring about the availability of their pitcher Brad Penny.

According to Olney the Phillies would be willing to give up on of their top prospects, shortstop Jason Donald.

Penny has not been too stellar for the Red Sox and they are in need of a shortstop. This could be a good move for them.

Donald is hitting .234 with a .636 OPS in Triple-A. Red Sox Prospectus has his numbers from Double-A as being .307 with an .889 OPS last year.

Julio Lugo is awful at shortstop. Nick Green is decent enough. Their main guy is Jed Lowrie, but he is on the DL after having wrist surgery. No word on when he is coming back. reports he did get some work in “hitting some overhand flips over at Comerica Park”.

The Sox would not really miss Penny since they have a plethora of pitchers in John Smoltz, Justin Masterson, and Clay Buchlotz. Sox fans are dying to see Buchlotz in the majors. They have a long wait if they do not start getting rid of guys.

The only reason I can think of the Phillies getting Penny is because they are seriously worried about Jamie Moyer. I still do not think it is a smart move for the Phils, but what do I care.

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I’m hoping the Sox do not make this trade. Penny in the NL would do quite well for the Phils. Penny has done well with both the Dodgers and Marlins and a trip back to the NL east would only fire him up.


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