Better Than The World Series?

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This is the week the world of baseball has been waiting for.

It is a division rivalry smackdown. Baseball fans across the country will be watching as the number one teams in the East battle it out with the number two teams who just happen to absolutely hate each other.

Each team is out for blood…for the number one spot in their division.

While some seem to think it could make or break a season, I feel otherwise. Yet this does not mean the next six games are to be missed.

The New York Yankees go up against the Boston Red Sox in a three game fight for the top at Fenway Park. We all know how those two teams feel about each other. There is no better rivalry in baseball. That is until the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets rivalry began.

Round one went to the Red Sox as they pounded on AJ Burnett for a 7-0 win. Jonathon Papelbon was so bored he was sleeping in the bullpen. Burnett had a little temper tantrum as he exited the game in the third inning.

The blood enemies are now tied for first.

With the Mets three games out of first place, they will have to sweep the Phillies to tie for first and then depend on the Sox to take care of the Phillies over the weekend as the Mets take on their cross town rivals.

Well, the Mets beat the Phillies 6-5 on a night where Johan Santana gave up four shots to left and right field. The offense really had Santana’s back last night. He even pitched in with the offense by hitting a double down the right field line.

The Mets are now two games out of first. Do we dare dream?

Over the weekend, the players will be watching the games as they each have a vested interest. The Mets need the Sox to take down the Phillies while the Sox need the Mets to tear apart their rivals to make headway in their division.

The only benefit the Mets get from beating down on the Yankees is bragging rights for the city.

You have to love baseball. There is not better sport.

The playoffs are visiting us early this year folks. Can you really afford to miss it? You already know what is going to happen in the NBA playoffs.

You can catch the games on SNY and the YES network respectively.

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Denise Winter

And don’t forget, after these series, the Mets and Ynaks go head to head in Division play!! What a week for NY Baseball fans!! LGM!!


Yeah this is a week for the ages here in NYC. Phillies@Mets and Yankees@Red stuff i’d say. Of course the Mets winning and Yankees losing would make it sooooo much better for us Mets fans.


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