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Tonight is the first time this year the Mets will be facing their favorite pitcher, Colbert Hamels. I’m sure the Mets are thinking about his now infamous “choke artist” comments over the winter break.

Need a reminder? Here ya go:

For the past two years, they’ve been choke artists. That’s kind of what we believed, and I think we’re always going to believe that until they prove us wrong.

I have but one piece of advice for the Mets: The best defense is the best offense against this guy.

You want to hit Hamels hard. Knock him out of the game. If you happen to hit a line drive off his hand, well, there’s just a bonus for us.

On a serious note, hitting Hamels is the only way the Mets are going to win this game tonight.

They cannot completely trust that Mike Pelfrey will be able to shut down the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been shaky this year as a whole, mostly due to inuries.  He is sporting a 4.85 ERA.

Well, it is not like Colbert’s is any better at 4.40. The difference is, while Colbert has been hurt on and off this year, he is returning to MVP form. Pelfrey is still trying to settle in.

The Mets are going to have to do the little and big things to win. They need to get on base, however they can, be it walks or getting hit by a pitch. Just do not get hurt. The way the Mets are going, they have their own wing at the hospital along with frequent visit mileage.

I want to see the Mets hitting the ball to move guys over into scoring position. I want to see them actually bring guys home.

I do not expect to see many home runs tonight like last night. I expect a few possibly off Pelfrey. The Mets need to play hard. Whatever it takes that is legal needs to be done.

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I wanna see the Mets KO Colbert tonight. He called the Mets ‘Choke Artists’ not once but twice. Once here in NY (WFAN) and once in Philly(WIP). Calling a team choke artists is something no player in any sport should ever do. Mets must send a loud and strong message to Colbert..LGM !

Denise Winter

“I want to see the Mets hitting the ball to move guys over into scoring position. I want to see them actually bring guys home.”

You wanted it, you got it!! Pelf even helped out his own cause!!


Very good game last night. Mets left too many men on base. Phillies made all the right plays and Mets made two plays that cost them the game. Beltran dropping the fly ball and David Wright error. Things like this happen sometimes in baseball, but it seems that winning baseball teams don’t allow this to happen. Look at what the Phils did. bases loaded, Beltran up, ground ball to third, down the line. They turn the double play. And Alex Cora took out Utley, yet he made a strong enough throw to get Beltran. (I know, replays show he was safe, however he was called out) Bottom 10, Werth makes an amazing play to save the game. It was entertaining, it felt like a playoff game, it was fun to watch. It would have been better if we won, but good baseball game. Someone once said, to be the best means to do the little (rountine) things better than everyone else. That was the difference between the teams last night.


i refuse to believe that the phils r better. just a few years ago we laughed all over the national league. i know there is just one thing missing from this team i just dont know what. when we figure it out jerks who have been in the league for a couple of years like cole hamels will shut their mouths big time!!!


What’s missing is having a gritty player like Victorino or Werth. Nither of those guys are all-stars but what they are is players who help their team by doing all the little things. They also have a chip on their shoulders when they are out on the field..i can see it and i’d even say both of those guys would have fit in quite nicely on the 86 Mets. I don’t see too many players on the Mets like these two guys.


NYR you are a smart man! I agree, can you imagine if the Mets sign Werth for nothing instead of the Phils. He is just a good baseball player. He does everything right at the right time. For yankee haters, he is Tino Martinez. We need a couple of players like that.


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