Santana To Manuel: “I’m A Man”

By / June 10, 2009 / Press Conferences

That was what Johan Santana told Jerry Manuel last night while shaking the baseball in his face when Manuel went to the mound to pull the Mets ace out of the game. Was there really any doubt?

During the post-game press conference, the Mets skipper told the media he did not know what he meant by that.

You have to worry about a manager that does not understand or know his players.

Since I love to explain the obvious, allow me.

Santana is a very proud man. Latinos are funny like that. Tellin him he’s done for that night is a knock to his ego.  Santana is very good at what he does. He knows it, as well as the rest of the baseball world.

What else did he know?

The ace, the one guy on the Mets who can stop any skid the Mets are on, knew that he made a number of mistakes in the game. Four of them to be exact.

Yet, nobody cleans up after him. In his mind, he made the mess and he was going to see it through. Santana knew he could. There was still plenty left in the tank.

Personally, I agree with pulling him out. Some will disagree, but do you really want to risk him giving up another home run to another Phillie? I sure as heck would not.

I feel it was wrong for Santana to show up his manager. When asked about it, Santana had this to say:

I just told him, I felt good.

I’m (not) trying to show anybody up or anything. I had enough stuff to battle through it. But he thought different. He’s my skipper and I respect everything that he does.

I’m a competitor.

We know what you are capable of, Santana. We know that you will always want to stay out on the mound to help your team to win. You are “The Man” on this team.

You know all of this too. What you do not seem to know, is when to say when.

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I obviously think Johan is amazin’, but I think Jerry was right in taking him out…I mean he did give up 4 HRs.

Denise Winter

Great job Tanya…now I’m going to weigh in on this…

First of all, no matter what anyone says, Johan did NOT show up Jerry Manuel. He is the ace, a pro, and a veteran, and a little rebuttal against your manager is okay once in a while. He has earned it. He did it professionally and repectfully.

Secondly, it was his game to win or lose. I think if he says he has enough to continue, he probably does, so let him continue. He’s not an immature rookie trying to prove himself or only thinking of himself. He wouldn’t jeopardize the lead for his own fame turned misfortune. The team should be renamed “The Johans” and everybody should take a lesson from him.

Lastly, I hate to admit it, but part of me actually wanted to see the bullpen blow it, just to prove my previous point. Then Johan would have had reason to be mad, and next time, no one would question his actions.

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Denise and Jessica.

Denise, every Mets fan would have come after you if the bullpen blew it. If you want to argue with the manager, do it in the dugout. But to shake the ball in Manuel’s face was uncalled for. I’m not saying not to argue. We all argue with our bosses at some point. I just do not think it was done with respect. Four home runs was at least two too many. You have to pull him.

Denise Winter

Fair enough. I just think he was doing it in more a playful way than a disrespectful one. By the way, I used my comment above to post on MMO. Short and sweet. And yes, Mets fans would have my head on a platter right now if that happened!!

Tanya Mercado

There is no way that was playful. He had fire in his eyes and he was clearly pissed at Manuel. He was still fuming about it during the press conference. I saw your post on MMO. I wonder how much heat you’ll take over there. hahaha j/k I’m sure there are plenty who will agree.


Does this mean we’re going to start seeing ‘Han the Man T-shirts being printed out for sale?


I didn’t have a problem with what Santana did. Of course, I have to disagree with you Tanya. hahaha, love ya. If it wasn’t for the cameras, no one would have known what he did. He ran off the field, high fived his teammates, didn’t even look back at manuel. He is the leader on this team. He has earned the right to speak back. Now, in defense of Manuel, he did take him out at the right moment. Santana was not fooling anyone last night. I think sometimes we make too much out of nothing. Stuff like that happens all the time, remember 163 games.


I think Santana did show up Manuel last night. I’m not to upset over it after all the Mets did win the game. Manuel did make the right move when he took out Santana,but i really love the fire and passion to win that Santana showed when he was pulled. From what i see this Mets team is really starting to get Leadership from key players lead by Santana. I like what i see. LGM !


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