Unbelievable! It Gets Worse

By / June 11, 2009 / Injuries

To add insult to injury, the Mets have placed John Maine on the DL due to shoulder fatigue, this according to Adam Rubin of the Daily News.

Omar Minaya reported Maine received an MRI and it did not show any structural damage. That is always good news. We’ve been here with Maine before. We just have to ride this out.

There is no definitive word as to who will replace him on Saturday against the Yankees. There is talk it could be Fernando Nieve.

I would like to see Nelson Figueroa in there. There really is nobody else in the minors to bring up. You cannot bring up Jonathan Niese to pitch against the Yanks.

Give Maine two to three starts to rest. Figueroa can handle it. Then designate Ken Takahashi for assignment and put Figueroa in the bullpen.

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At this point the Mets should remove ‘Mets’ from the front of their uniforms and replace it with M*A*S*H. All these injuries and players on the DL is really crazy. I know the Mets won’t do it because it seems like they have a problem with him but..Nelson Figueora should get the start vs the Yankees. Of course the Mets will start Neise or Nieve and just watch one of those guys get bombed by the Yanks. Ugggggh ! when will the pain end ?

Phil Groh

I agree totally with you and NYRNYM4Life. M*A*S*H should replace Mets on the uniforms, Figueora should get the start, but they’ll play Neise or Nieve and get bombed. More fodder for the Yankee fans!


I agree with you. breaking news mr met went on the DL just now. lol. can it get worse on the bright side it really cant get any worse we have to start getting healthy now!!! nelson has to be the choice he is the best option at this point. going to yankee stadium can not but niese or nieve. those 2 n’s wont work(nieve,niese) but nelson may,he is a new yorker and he may relish in this spot. the other lefty in the pen must go,i cant even say his name. a lefty in the pen who cannot get a lefty out is as useless as a publicist for a rod. it jusr cant work.


Very true Efrain…Takahashi must go ! And it has nothing to do with last nights homer off him. If you look at the replay that pitch to Ibanez was toward the ankles. Ibanez just reached down and got it. But that being said you need two leftys in the Pen when you face the Phillies 18 time a year. Takahashi can not get leftys out ! Leftys are batting over 300. vs him ! I don’t think the Mets have any Leftys in the minors, so i think Omar needs to make a trade for a lefty who can get lefty hitters out.


Let’s hope Billy Wagner comes back sooner than later. If he can be back and pitching effectively by late August, he can be available for the last two series against the Philthies. After being just an afterthought in this season’s bullpen plans, Wagner might end up being one of the key components during the stretch run.


I would rather see Nelson also. He doesn’t have great stuff, but he is tough and battles. The mets do have a lot of injuries this year. I know that ball players get a lot of bumps and bruises, but maybe the mets should start re-evaulating their medical staff. Its not like the mets are going out with broken bones. Its shoulder injuries, hamstrings, calves, etc.

Lets go Mets. Can we get 2 out of 3 against the Yankees? That would be a great accomplisment, considering the Yankees are a much better team right now.

Tim Sharobem

This may sound a little crazy, but I would like Niese to come up and fill in for Maine.

The Mets would be better off starting a left hander at Yankee Stadium on stadium. And, I think Jon won’t be rattled by the big atmosphere, given the fact he made starts during a pennant chase last September.


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