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By / June 16, 2009 / Injuries

When will the Mets learn their lesson? Gary Sheffield is clearly hurting. Yet they refuse to have an MRI done on his knee.

This takes stupidity to another level. Not that I am really all that surprised. The organization has been making one blunder after another when it comes to the health of the team.

They had Jose Reyes play even though he was hurt. Carlos Delgado had been hurting and they kept insisting all he needed was rest.

Now, rather than just have the exam done on Sheffield, they rather just have him play with a sore knee.

They have really lost it. What would it hurt just to have a test done so further damage is not done?

Now, not to pin it all on the medical staff, the big man has been complaining of pain in the back of his right knee. Sheffield said that he has been experiencing this pain since May.

If you have been dealing with this pain since May, should you not say something? OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! He did not. So now the Mets have to deal with a crippled Sheffield.

Sheffield is scheduled to play against the Baltimore Orioles. Rather than having him as a designated hitter, he will be manning the outfield.

Really? It is nonsense.

I understand we need his bat. But at what cost? You risk losing him for the rest of the year.

I never like to criticize a medical staff. Their job is not easy. There is so much going on and they have to figure out what the best solution is.

If there is one thing I learned while studying radiology it is that everything is not always black and white. What seems like one thing can always be something else.

In this case, I have to criticize. It never hurts to have it examined. The Mets were not going anywhere yesterday. It was their day off. If nothing was shown, Sheffield could have just met the team in Baltimore.

This just further makes me wonder what is really going on. This is not just a team thing. It is the entire organization.

What makes this even worse is that they are not just messing with their chances at the playoffs, they are messing around with the health and careers of the players.

It is time to look at the medical staff. Check their licenses and certifications. Maybe some have expired. Maybe they should begin consulting with Dr. Bombay.

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efrain rivera

someone is fiesty today i love it but i understand lets just remember we aint talking about david wright or reyes here he is 40 and if our season depends on the health of gary sheffield they we got bigger problems than i thought. sheff got heart and if he says he is fine then i believe him. he is and has giving us all he has left. but yes the mets do something always to scratch your head about. we still need a big bat soon!!!!!


You know, just check it out. However, I am so confused. The report was, he is going to get the MRI, however, he is still going to play? Huh??? Now, he isn’t getting the MRI. The mets should just stop trying to hide everything and be cute. Just be upfront and honest. And why would he play outfield? That makes no sense if it is true. I haven’t seen the line-up so I won’t kill Manuel for this yet. but, it makes no sense.

Another thing, because no one is talking about it. Fernando can’t play at this level yet. He should go down to the minors. We can bring up Cory Sullivan, Willy Mo Pena, or Keity. Let these guys platoon with Sheffield. Does anyone agree?

Efrain Velazquez

I agree with you Tanya, honestly I’m sick of the whole organization. it’s getting ridiculous already. Tomorrow I’m going to see “The Mets at the movies” against the Orioles and the only reason I’m going is because I already paid for the tickets. If not I wouldn’t go.


You’re right. MRIs for everyone. That’s in the Mets’ health care system. This following thought actually creeped into my head while reading all the posts about the MRI – are the Mets strapped for cash that they can’t afford all these MRIs? It’s crazy, and I don’t actually believe it myself. But look at all the injured players in both the big club and in Buffalo. Someone’s going to sue the club for malpractice soon. this is yet another well documented example of the dysfunction top to bottom with the New York Mets.


As always great blog Tanya. I blame all the Medical mess on the Wilpons. They control what doctors the Mets use. They control when or if a MRI is taken on a player. The Mets medical staff has been the laughing stock of baseball over the last 4 or 5 years ! Need proof ? Just listen to the FAN and you’ll know just what i mean. It’s like i keep on saying and i hope i’m wrong when i say this, but the Mets will NEVER win a World Championship as long as the Wilpons are the owners ! Notice how no other team (even the Pirates and Nats !) never has is the same problem with their medical staff….Only The Freakin Mets !


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