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By / June 19, 2009 / Injuries

It is very easy to focus on what is wrong with this team. There are so many things I can sit here all day typing about it. I can start with the Wilpons and work my way down to the players.

This time, I have decided to focus on what is right.

I want you to do me a favor. Go to and look at the standings. Tell me where the New York Mets are.

Could it be? Yes. You have read the standings correctly. You are not seeing things. The Mets are in second place.

So what exactly does that say?

It says that the team is getting it done. Despite the losses to, not only other teams, but to their line-up, the Mets have managed to stay in the hunt for the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Phillies are now without Raul Ibanez due to a pulled groin. This is the chance for the Mets to make a move.

The Mets are just three games out of first place. They are one big bat away from making the push they need.

Right now, with the injury list what it is, Omar Minaya needs to make a move. Even if it is for a rent-a-player. The tricky part is getting what you need without giving up what you have.

There is no reason to believe the Mets cannot get it done. Yes, the past few losses have been devastating. It does not mean the Mets will not make it.

They have still managed to do it without Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado. Their solid bullpen had a gaping hole without J.J. Putz. The bullpen seems better without him right now.

The Mets are hitting, but lack the big bat to get the runners home.

The bullpen has come together, which has always been their problem, and will only get better once Billy Wagner comes off the disabled list. He is ahead of schedule and is throwing in the 90’s. He is getting back to form.

So why is everybody panicking? The difference between a great team and a bad team is the ability to get the job done without your key guys. The replacements have gotten it done.

Mets fans, keep on believin’. It will pay off.

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efrain rivera

you r preaching to the choir. we r too negative with the team and that type of vibe pertrudes through shea and now city. u have to be blind not to see whats good with this team. or maybe some of us are negative cause it softens the blow if we fail again. but we need to put our heart init with the chance that we may get hurt cause when we win it feels incredible.


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