A Bobby V Rumor. Give Me A Sighting!

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Could it be true? If so, bring it on! Everyone knows what a HUGE Bobby Valentine fan, I am. Never understood why he was no longer with the New York Mets. He was top notch. He was Joe Torre with an attitude.

It has never been a secret that Bobby V wants to come back to the States. He has even mentioned that he would welcome a return to the Mets.

Well the Boston Globe is reporting speculations about him coming back to the United States from Japan where he is currently the manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines. He could have at the manager position should Jerry Manuel fail to deliver the team to the Promised Land known as the playoffs.

I would be the first one to throw Bobby V a welcome home party should the transition happen. Bobby V has the fiestiness and never lets anyone tell him how to run his team, which is why he is no longer the manager.

He knows what needs to be done and makes it happen. He can take a bunch of nobody’s and turn them into somebody’s. Bobby V takes crap from nobody.

Manuel once did have that same fire Bobby V had. He has lost it and because of this, I believe, is beginning to lose the respect of the team and the fans. If he does not get his passion back, he will lose his job. It will be Bobby v’s for the taking.

There were some rumors circulating last year that Bobby V was being considered for the Mets manager position before they gave it to Manuel.

Since Manuel is currently the manager, it is being rumored Bobby V could be replacing the currently troubled Manny Acta over in the Washington Nationals section of the States. Can you imagine what would happen if Bobby V got to that team? Welcome our new rivals.

The problem with the Nationals is not their hitting. I think they just lack the drive. They are so used to being at the bottom of the barrel, they expect nothing more from themselves. They need a manager who can instill passion and drive into them. Bobby V would do that.

The New York Mets or the Washington Nationals?

Only the Mets can determine what would happen with Bobby V. If they miss the playoffs, then they could initiate talks. Should they make the playoffs, I expect Manuel to remain at the helm.

Note to the Mets: Bobby V wants to come back. His heart is in New York. If Manuel fails to get the job done, bring aboard the one man who can handle the New York media, the players, and ownership.

If you know what is good for you, the players, and this city, you will make it happen or suffer the consequences.

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please don’t get my hopes up. I just can’t see a Bobby V. reprise with the Mets. He doesn’t fit in with the dysfunction. I’d love to see him back though.

How Bout Them Mets!?


Funny that you mention this, I recently added to my “State of the Mets” Blog this week on our site and said the team should get rid of Jerry Manuel and replace him with Bobby V in November when Valentine’s contract runs out with the Chiba Lotte Marines of the Japanese Pacific League.

The two guys whom he had problems with that got him fire (Steve Phillips & Jim Duquette) are no longer with the organization so I believe Wilpon and Minaya would welcome him back to the club. If Minaya is smart, he will get the deal done.

Denise Winter

I love Bobby V too! I saw him driving on the Southern State Parkway here on LI one night years ago, license plate “Bobby V”, and he smiled and waved. But he was a great mgr and could def spark this team. He can NOT go to the Nats, b/c you are right – welcome our new rivals! Bring Bobby V back to Shea, er, Citi!! lol


i will not be so gung ho. i love valentine also but i dont see them firing jerry for bobby at the moment. the mets brass has catered to these players and bobby v takes no junk. unless they have changed philosophy i dont see this happening and in reality other than the fire the mets r a different team attitude wise with jerry. they standup more after the game but with willie they would run and hide and its not like the mets have been loaded all year and have not won its not and excuse but the injuries are a major factor. there is no way around it but i would to heart after one of reyes tantrum bobby v say”he was a baby today” i love bobby too.


There is no indication that Lotte is not going to renew his contract. And there is no solid information that he has had any contact with the Mets whatsoever. Most Japanese baseball experts – if you bother to actually go and do some research – indicate that Valentine will go wherever the money is, but would prefer to stay in Japan.

It seems HIGHLY unlikely that the Wilpons want Bobby and his fan-friendly ways, nor would they want to pay his salary. The Nationals, however, which is a more likely rumor, are more aligned with what Bobby V can bring to their organization.

Yet another post here with zero research. This blog continues to disappoint.

Tanya Mercado

Ken, this is the only response I will make to your comment. I have researched this and I even included a link to a newspaper that was the first to report this. These are not my assumptions. I am not creating rumors. The Boston Globe was the one to report it.


I think Bobby V would be good, bringing a new edge to the club, but I also think they need to clean house to really make it work.


I’d love to start cleaning out the owners, but that isn’t likely. The medical staff needs to go (I think we’ve discussed this before, or at least some blogs have), and I’d bring in a new baseball mind to play the role of GM in my fantasy here along with a new manager and new coaches. I would go through the clubhouse and cut away a lot of the fat. Nobody is safe (K-Rod and Santana may be the MOST safe in my book). Naturally, this would take a couple of years to fully execute. I’m even on the fence about keeping Reyes and Wright and Beltran in that vision.

I see some parallels between the 2000 team, the great failure (Game 1 of the WS), a multi-year let down and a multi-year rebuilding project, and the 2006-2008 teams with it’s great failure (Game 7 of the NLCS and then the two collapses), a multi-year let down (which I think we’re just starting), and looking at a multi-year rebuilding.

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but was there anyone on the 2005 or 2006 Mets that played in the 2000 WS for the club? I don’t think there was (but could be wrong by a couple players), but that means very few players/coaches/personnel, if any, were left from the failure to the rebuilding. I’m thinking basically the same idea, in order to get the stain of 2007 and 2008 out.


Die hard, I understand your point, however it doesn’t guareentee that the mets will become world series contender. It is very difficult to be a competitive baseball team in the major leagues. You can’t just say that no one on the team is safe. Look at the Blue Jays, the Orioles, the Mariners, these team were very good in the late 90’s and early part of the decade. They haven’t been very good since then. We have 3 outstanding offensive players, and we have two studly pitchers. I think you need to build your team around those players. Now, we can trade one of them, but to completely clean house, I think would not work.

I like Bobby V and I think he would give the team a spark. Just remember, that he wears his players out. And since most of these guys are millionaries, they may not like his approach. I think he would be good, but not for a long term committment. I actually think that he would be a better fit with the Nationals because of all those young pitchers. The Nationals remind me of the Rays. Watch out for them in 2 years.

Tanya Mercado

I agree. Cleaning house is never the answer. There are key players on the team that you can build around. Here’s what I feel about the whole “most of these guys are millionaries, they may not like his approach” from Nilvio. They need to suck it up. This is the majors. You have to earn your money. If they do not like it, let them walk. There are other players who will take the money and work hard. I’m sick of players who think they are high and mighty because of the money they earn. They are not in charge. The manager is.


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