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By / June 22, 2009 / Injuries

Newsday‘s David Lennon wrote about Carlos Beltran and his ailing knee. Apparently, Beltran is in too much pain to play. While he is scheduled to receive an MRI, the Gold Glove centerfielder is expecting the worst.

After yesterday’s loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Beltran said:

“I’m a little bit worried, to be honest because of the way I felt today – it was painful.”

“The way it is right now, no way. I don’t feel like I could play a lot of games with the way I felt today.”

Those are not comforting words.

The New York Mets can ill-afford to lose Beltran to the DL. He has been among the top hitters for this team, along with David Wright. I am still trying to figure out how Wright is hitting at .344 and his at the top of National League hitters.

Should Beltran go down, it will be interesting who the Mets put in centerfield. They could put Jeremy Reed out there or call up Fernando Martinez again. Gary Sheffield and Ryan Church could never play center. The Mets will definitely miss Beltran’s glove and bat.

I think I am going to need another vacation. I’m not sure I could stand watching the Mets play without Beltran.

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Denise Winter

If he goes on the DL, stick a fork in the Mets, they’re done! Call it a season and start planning for 2010. I am so frustrated …

Tanya Mercado

We’re all frustrate. Lord knows I am going to need another vacation if this happens. I’m not sure I could stand watching them play. I am trying very hard to be optimistic. Everybody on this team needs to step it up. I’m sick of the mediocrity. I am about to go into the clubhouse and give all of them a good whipping.


this is a tough blow to the team but iam gonna try to stay positive maybe this would push the team to make a move. we need help. and we need it asap. this is depressing but iam going to stay positive and just remember we have been resilient up to this point but no doubt losing belt can be deadly


we can’t afford to have him go on the DL!
we need him, we’re already w/o Reyes & Delgado, to lose Beltran would be a huge blow to the team.
I’m trying to stay positive, but I don’t know how long I can be optimistic with the way things are going this season.

Tanya Mercado

Ok. I was trying to save a blog for desperate times. But I guess I am going to have to write my rally blog. It does well in times like these. hahaha


Look this team is beyond snakebitten ! I’ve never seen a ballclub get hit with as many injuries as the 2009 Mets. I really hope Beltran is out only for two weeks.


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