Is Minaya Really Working?

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You have to wonder. We really do not hear much about anything happening. Where are the trades? Where are the rumors?

Is Omar Minaya really working the phones? Is he feeling the same sense of urgency we Mets fans do? I would like to think that he is. Silence says otherwise.

Here is what I am thinking.

The Mets are from New York. Everybody hates the New York teams…from the New York Yankees to the New York Giants. New York is not very popular, except by the haters. If I had a nickle for everytime a player said they hated New York, I would be richer than Donald Trump.

The entire Major League know how desperate the New York Mets are to get some help to prevent this team from completely bottoming out. For this reason, every team Minaya tries to work a deal with, is going to ask for the sun, the moon, and Orion’s belt.

I received a message saying Minaya was trying to work a deal with the Washington Nationals for Adam Dunn. The Nats wanted Fernando Martinez and Bobby Parnell. Result? NO DEAL!

Good call by Minaya. I would have chosen another phrase like “Bite me”.

So Minaya goes back to the phones to call GM’s around the nation to find the one or two or three or four guys who will save the Mets’ season and perhaps some jobs.

The Mets are now without their Gold Glove centerfielder on top of missing their very own Speedy Gonzalez in Jose Reyes. They have no Carlos Delgado so they have no big bat.

Minaya has no choice but to make a deal. The bullpen is getting tired. So the Mets have called up two pitchers.

Look! The bottom line is the players themselves need to step it up. There is only so much that Jerry Manuel and Minaya can do. The players need to take it to another level. The position players need to hit.

The players need to stop waiting for the next guy to take the bull by the horns and save the game. They need to get a set of cojones and actually hit the ball.

I’m sick of everybody sitting on their butts talking about “Woe is us. We are hurting. So many of our guys are down.”


I am sick of the excuses. There are no excuses. You either get it done or request to be traded. We would not mind. We can use the trade bait.

I believe Minaya is trying to do what he can to bring in a bat. He’s just trying to do it without losing Fernando Martinez and Bobby Parnell and Jonathan Niese.

You think you can do better? Go ahead! I’d like to see you try. I doubt you would do any better.

In Minaya we have to trust. So I’m going to tell you the same thing I would tell the players:

Shut up and suck it up! You stick with it until the bitter end. This team has gotten this far and they need their fans to rally around them and stick with them.

We have no choice but to believe. We have no choice but to watch this team. We have no choice but to stick with this team.

Either you are with them or you are not.

Yet before the fans can believe in them, the team needs to believe in themselves. The Mets need to rally around each other. They need to stop waiting for the next guy to do what they themselves can do.

They have to keep rolling with the punches until Minaya can bring in some help.

THAT is the bottom line!

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This blog needs to be printed and mailed to Citi Field. Once it’s at Citi Field it is to be posted up in the Mets locker room for all the players to see. Why you ask? Because everything in this blog is TRUE and the players need to understand this. Great blog Tanya ! Only you can bring it like this.


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