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By / June 22, 2009 / Injuries

So here we are. Almost at the All-Star Break. What do the Mets have to show for it? Second place.

Considering all of the injuries the Mets have suffered and all of the losses they have had, nobody should be complaining. It’s a miracle in its own right they are there.

Fans everywhere are wondering what is going to happen with the Mets and the roster. Why haven’t there been any moves?

Well you no longer to wait. Here are the moves that have been made so far. I will say right now, there have been no trades.  Just releases and demotions.

So here we go:

  1. Two players have been released: Javier Valentin (C) and Wily Mo Pena (OF). Do not be shocked. We all knew Pena was not going to make it. People complained that he was signed in the first place. Reports were going around that Pena was doing well in the minors. I’m sure it was due to making room for the two pitchers that were promoted.
  2. One player has been demoted: Ken Takahashi. We knew this was coming. He has been awful. So he will be going back to Triple-A Buffalo.
  3. Two players promoted: Elmer Dessens and Pat Misch. Both are pitchers and have been called up from Triple-A Buffalo. They will be reporting to the bullpen.
  4. One player designated for assignment: Wilson Valdez. Reason for this? According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, it was to make room for the pitchers that were called up.

One more note:

It is official. Carlos Beltran will be placed on the disabled list due to a bruised knee. The Mets are praying it will only be for two weeks. We’re all praying it is only for two weeks.

As I predicted, Jeremy Reed will be playing centerfield for the Mets tonight against the red hot St. Louis Cardinals in place of Beltran.

God help us all!

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Denise Winter

Oooooh, look out NL East. Now we have a “team” … lol

Omar needs to do something big, and fast!! Beltran down is a huge blow to this already lacking team.


Has someone who hates the Mets put a hex on them? Two things i’ve never seen in my life that are taking place now. 1-Any MLB team with as many injuries as the Mets. You could not make this up ! 2-All the rain here in NY for the month of June. It seems like every day more rain hits NY. Oh well the players that can play need to step up knowing that the Phillies are not playing well. Let’s all hope good things are coming for a change.


After all this, and everyone saying that if Beltran went down there goes the season, we end up winning the game over a 1st place team.

But what’s scary is that I think the Buffalo team is in worse shape all around than the Mets are.


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