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By / June 22, 2009 / Injuries

This has to be a joke. No way the Mets are seriously considering this. They are paying way too much money. He’s a three-year, $36 million bust. Did anybody else see this coming?

The NY Daily News is reporting that Jerry Manuel indicated Oliver Perez will be placed in the bulpen when he returns from the disabled list within one week’s time.

Many thought that maybe he would be better in the ‘pen for now until he gets his act together. Personally, I would rather see him in the minors.

The writer continued to say that Fernando Nieve, since he has pitched so well in his two starts, will more than likely remain with the New York Mets and John Maine will replace Tim Redding. Maine could return after his first start today with the Port St. Lucie team.

The New York Post is reporting Tim Redding could also be placed in the bullpen.

All that money for a reliever. No words can describe what I am thinking. I am trying to think of it this way. It could help Perez. At this point, if he wants to pitch in the rotation, he needs to earn that role.  He has not. Perez has been a disaster.

We can talk about his injured knee. Big deal! He’s been problematic for too long. Maybe this will help to straighten him out. How would you like to be demoted to the bullpen when you know that you can be pitching in the starting rotation alongside Johan Santana?

Both Maine and Perez will be making rehab starts today in Port St. Lucie and may rejoin the major league club next week.

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Perez makes me nervous everytime he steps onto the mound. He’s a bust, like you said & he’s getting paid all that money. Personally, I was hoping the Mets wouldn’t re-sign him, but they did and he hasn’t done anything for this team.
I was happy when they put him on the DL, since it meant we wouldn’t have to deal with him for awhile…I remember at the beginning of the season, everyone was saying how he should be more mature since he got married, don’t think thats true.
Anyway, he better have gotten his act together since the last time we saw him.

Tanya Mercado

You want to hear something funny Jessica? I actually forgot about Perez. It was not until I started hearing about his rehab start that I started thinking, “Aw man. I forgot about him.” We’ll see what happens. Hopefully Perez steps it up. One of my friends on FB will be watching Perez and Maine today. She’ll let me know what happens.

Efrain Velazquez

What can you say about Oliver Perer? Well that he’s a waste of 35 Million dollars and he is one of the dumbest moves Minaya has done yet. I would have rather spent that money on Derek Lowe instead of Perez. Now this mistake that is Perez is gonna be placed in the bullpen? Are you serious? Has it really come to that? In my opinion this team is a disaster from ownership all the way down. The Wilpons got spooked by the Madoff scandal and decided to tighten their grip on their wallets, come on this is NY, one of the best markets in the World, if they bring in the good players to this team they won’t have to worry about money becauze they’ll make it back and more. Minaya didn’t make enough moves to change this team, and then really tried to sit there in front of the media and tell us that he was satisfied with the team going into the start of the season. I don’t think even he believed his own words. As far as the team goes, they’re playing without that fire and intensity that they had in 2006 when they were NL East Champs. I’m ready to wave the white flag on this season and hope for better things in 2010. What you think Tanya? Is there any hope left for this season?


i always agree with u but here iam gonna disagree for a moment. i have no science with this statment but i think he will pitch well in the bullpen cause his next step will be the minors. and usually good relievers are insane anyway he might be a good fit for now cause he is unorthodox and this may work. walks aside he seems to respond well in pressure situations and when there is madness around him. it may work….for now


yeah that is funny. lol
I had forgotten about him too, up until about a week ago & then for some reason, i started wondering how his rehab was going.


Come on Efrain.V you wanna wave the white flag?!? Are you kidding me ? I understand that with all the injuries it sure does not look good for the Mets. But you know what ? The games gotta be played and hopefuly guys like Murphy,Tatis,Castillo,Church and of course David Wright will step it up BIG TIME ! Ok now to Ollie.P . I’m not gonna go in here and start ripping Omar for signing Perez because before this year he did well vs the Phillies. Plus Perez is younger then Lowe. Now don’t get me wrong i did want Lowe instead of Perez but you know what it’s over with. Lowe is a Brave and Ollie is a Met ! 36 Million was wasted so far on Perez. Duh ! of course ! But we all must hope that he gets it together because when he’s right he can be damm good. Let him stay in the minors till after the All-Star break and put him in the #5 spot for at least the month of August. If he gets right Perez could be a key player in September and October. We can only hope ! Just don’t put him in the Bullpen. PLEEEESE!


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