Minaya: “Never Seen Anything Like This”

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Our sentiments exactly. That’s what Mets GM Omar Minaya said on Miked Up with Mike Francesca on today regarding the rash of injuries the Mets have experienced this year.

Everything you were curious about was addressed during the interview. Here is the skinny on what was said.

First are the injury updates:

Carlos Beltran “We can’t put [a] time frame. We have to see how the treatment [goes]. Best case is 15 days. It can be longer.” Minaya thinks he will be back after the All-Star break.

Carlos Delgado“All indications are good. We are sticking with 10 weeks.” Better to stick with the later date than giving an earlier date. Delgado told Minaya he is recovering well and does expect to be back soon.

Jose Reyes“Day to day. He will catch some ground balls today. I can tell you he will be out for more than a week.” He is still not doing any running, but he did hit. I see Reyes returning after the All-Star break as well if we are lucky.

Oliver Perez – “He is experiencing normal soreness [after pitching yesterday].” Minaya indicated that Perez is further away from John Maine. Good news is Perez’ knee is fine. Knee or not knee, Perez is awful. He had six runs scored off of him yesterday. Take your time Perez. No rush!

John Maine “[He] will be throwing a bullpen session tomorrow. He is scheduled to pitch on Saturday. Just not sure where.” Maine could be coming back to the big club this Saturday. Minaya was happy with the reports on Maine.

Now we all want to know what is going on with the trades. Why have there not been any yet? Are there going to be any? Here’s what Minaya had to say:

“We’ve tried to do everything we can as an organization. We have to do what makes sense. What are we gong to do talent wise and will you do when the reinforcements come back.

“Teams that were once shopping aren’t anymore. Everybody is bunched up [in their division]. There are guys available. But do you want to pay the big price?

“Fan should expect [us] to be looking to make a move. But a move that makes sense. It’s a couple of issues that we have. It isn’t just one guy we need.

“[Our current] guys are going to have to get it done until we get reinforcements.”

I agree with Minaya’s assessment. Everybody is going to be asking for our top prospects. The Mets can get a Matt Holliday, but it will cost Fernando Martinez and more. Do you want to give that up for a rent-a-player? I do not think that would be smart.

We all know the Mets are getting old. They need to get younger. With the guys they have in the minors, they can do that.

Regarding the lack of home runs that have been hit:

“I don’t put it on the ballpark. I put it on the players. They need to hit better. We have to hit with authority.

“When all is said and done, David Wright will his home runs here and on the road.”

I’m glad someone thinks so. I am just not convinced that will happen. Wright is just having a very odd year. I’m not sure how else to describe it. A player has a .344 batting average and yet has 69 strikeouts is very weird to me.

One the job Jerry Manuel is doing:

“Jerry has done a very good job. New York likes it when people take [accountability] for their actions.

“He has told the players, ‘I want hitters not sluggers.'”

That could be a reason for the lack of home runs as a team. Sometimes you cannot always hit the home run. Small ball gets the job done just as well as home runs with less strikeouts.

The Mets currently have the least amount of strikeouts. A very good thing.

On if the Mets will make the playoffs:

“I think we can make it We need to catch some breaks.We’ve given away some games. We can’t do that.”

That pretty much sums up everything that was talked about. Minaya is trying to make moves without making mistakes. As a GM, you do not want to be anxious going into talks. That is when you make mistakes.

I am confident Minaya will get the job done. He knows what he is doing. He sees what is happening. I’m not worried. Neither should you be. In Minaya I trust.

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i agree with what he means and people are crying for moves but its not that simple as picking up the phone and saying’i need that guy’ if that was the case we would have roy halladay matt holiday and adrian gonzalez. and the sense of urgerncy is not there cause the mets r holding their own either by their own doing and or by philly fallling apart. that being said i dont know how much longer he can hold on without doing anything.


Omar has no choice but to wait it out. It’s like you said teams will ask for a BIG return in any trade for a power bat. All Omar and the Mets can do is hope for the best. Great blog !


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