“Not Just Going To Lay Down”

By / June 23, 2009 / Injuries

Yet another great quote by Tim Redding after last night’s win.

Why should they? Just because a few of their star players are on the disabled list and we have no idea when they are coming back, does not mean the team should just lay down and die.

Fans everywhere have started to say the Mets should break up the core. Well here you have it. You got what you wished for. The core is not just broken up, but decimated.

So the Mets have had to start, almost from scratch, by piecing together a completely different team, which is working.

After the announcement about Carlos Beltran going to the disabled list was made, the centerfielder had this to say:

“They have to compete. Hopefully they do a good job. I don’t want them to feel bad.”

Bueno papa, Alex Cora said the same thing. Competing they are. Beltran, you would be very proud.

Cora, who is taking a leadership role, had this to say about the team and the injuries:

“Don’t feel sorry for us. We’ll be fine. Trust me. We might be in first place in three days.”

He said that con animo (with strength – it sounds better in spanish). Trust me. Nobody is feeling sorry for the Mets. Teams around the majors are celebrating.

This new team the Mets have put together is not feeling sorry for themselves. So why should we? They are completely focused on the task at hand. They want first place as much as the fans do and they will not stop until they get there.

What you have here, ladies and gentleman, is a grittier team. Here is a team that is not going to wait until someone else brings the guy who is in scoring position home.

Everyone around the Mets are feeling the pressure from the front office to the fans. The players are trying to keep that pressure off of themselves, especially David Wright who has had a very peculiar season.

Wright spoke with Adam Rubin of the Daily News saying:

“That will just hurt us even more. You have to go out there and guard against trying to do too much or do something you’re not capable of.”

Somebody hit this boy in the head. Is he now just coming to the conclusion? I mean, seriously?

Whatever the case may be, the New York Metropolitans have clearly made a statement loud and clear to all of the major league ballclubs and their fans.

They are not going to die. They are not going to let all of this bad luck get to them. They will keep fighting tooth and nail to the very last man in the minors if they have to (that is a very scary thought).

This team is doing their thing. Stick with them. This is the most exciting time to be a Mets fan.

This video pretty much depicts the New York Mets. The green guys are the Mets. The red guys are the Phillies. The Mets have few healthy guys. But watch the ending.


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Denise Winter

Another awesome job! I LOVE this post! And the video was a great touch at the end! I feel so confident and excited in this team again, and all because of this blog 🙂 LET’S GO METS!!


40 years ago the Mets performed a “Miracle” and shocked the world. Here we are in 2009 and thanks to the injuries everyone is counting the Mets out. Everyone except the Mets themselves ! Knowing that made me feel good, but after reading this blog i gotta say i’m so AMPED up !!! I believe in this team and i know they’ll bring the gritty junkyard fight with them every game. Oh and the video made me more AMPED ! Great Job !

Tanya Mercado

Thanks guys. I’m glad you liked the video and it got you amped. I have to say when I found this video on youtube, I went crazy. I loved it and knew I had to post it.


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