Bungles The Lineup Again

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Why, Jerry Manuel? Why? Why are you putting in Nick Evans when Daniel Murphy is starting to hit again?

You have to wonder if Manuel just gets some sick pleasure out of toying with our emotions. When I heard Omar Minaya’s interview yesterday with Mike Francesca, and he said Manuel has done a good job given what he has to work with, I somewhat agreed.

Now?  I think he is just smoking something very strong and needs to wake up to put the manager on notice.

If you have not heard, Nick Evans will be put in the lineup today in place of Daniel Murphy. Really? Just when the kid is starting to hit, you are taking him out of the lineup? I think I am beginning to run out of patience at this point.

You want to know what is worse? Like it really could get any worse. Manuel has decided that Fernando Tatis will remain in the lineup tonight against the St. Louis Cardinals. Unbelievable!

I have to say I do not understand what Manuel is thinking. At least Tatis is not in the cleanup spot. Instead, Ryan Church will be in that hole and Luis Castillo has been put into the number two spot.

Let’s see (and hope and pray) this works. I’m not sure how it could. Let’s just keep the faith. Keep on believin’. Not much else we can do.

Needless to say, Gary Sheffield is still out of the lineup. However, he did get a cortisone shot today. Manuel said Sheffield will not play until possibly on friday. There was speculation Sheff would be placed on the disabled list. Has not happened.

Manuel did say he would use Sheffield tonight in a pinch hitter situation if he needed to. Let’s hope the offense can get it done and Sheff will not be used.

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efrain rivera

IT CANT WORK!!!! manuel is brain dead. as much as i defend him he probably just put murphy back in a slump like he did with church. maybe we will trade and get adrian gonzalez and jerry will put him on the bench in favor of tatis. what does tatis have pictures of jerry cheating on his wife? UNBELIEVABLE!!!


I did agree with you Tanya on this blog. But i’m glad for at least one night we’re wrong ! Thanks to Nick Evens who clocked that ball over the LF wall. A good night for the Mets.


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