Mets Making Move Like Wildfire

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The Mets continue to make moves in order to continue to patch up their, what some are calling, a sinking ship.

Jon Switzer has been designated for assignment, according to Adam Rubin of the Daily News. Argenis Reyes, who takes his place on the roster, has been brought up. He will be the back up at second base like he was last year.

The Mets are going to keep moving guys around until they find something that works. Here’s a thought. Find someone who can hit the ball. As much as I like Reyes, and I do prefer him over the blundering Ramon Martinez, he has never been able to hit the ball very well.

The only reason Reyes is good is because he has a glove. Otherwise, we can do without him. In case you are wondering, in Triple-A Reyes was hitting .296. So hopefully he can do this in the majors.

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efrain rivera

i wanted to see more of switzer maybe he could have been the other lefty to give feliciano a blow once in a while. ok so our defense is better with reyes but our offense is still the same.


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