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I have to admit, last night I was really scratching my head with the lineup that Mets manager Jerry Manuel put out there last night. It seems he forgot how to do a lineup.

Fernando Tatis has hit into way too many double plays. He needs to be moved down to the number nine spot, yes I said number nine. I trust the pitcher more than I do Tatis. The other options are to keep him out of the lineup and only for the bench or put him in the seventh spot.

What you do not want are two guys back-to-back who will be easy outs, ie. the pitcher and Tatis or Tatis and whoever is on first base.

So let’s help him out with tonight’s lineup. Here is what propose:

  1. Castillo 2B – You need a player who can manage to get on base whichever way possible at the top of your lineup. This way he can run helter skelter driving the opposing pitcher mad.
  2. Cora SS – He is patient at the plate, yet will do whatever it takes to move the guy who is already on, over to the next base.
  3. Murphy 1B – I was not sure whether to put him here or David Wright. Murphy has been starting to break out of his slump and is the most recent player to hit a home run.
  4. Wright 3B – If he could remember how to hit, he would be your best option as clean-up. Since I am just getting back from vacation, I’m not too sure how he has been doing at the plate. With his average, I am guessing he has been okay. However, I would be somewhat inclined to put Murphy in this spot for the reason I mentioned above.
  5. Church RF – If he can find his swing, he would do well. All he needs to do is get on base.
  6. Santos C – If Church can get on, Santos can do some damage with his bat. It is amazing how well our catchers seem to be doing, isn’t it?
  7. Martinez CF – Only because there really is no other option for centerfield outside of Jeremy Reed. But I need him in left field because Gary Sheffield is still ailing somewhat and the whole point of this is to get Tatis out of the lineup.
  8. Jeremy Reed LF – I have no other options for this position. Reed is not too bad at the plate. I think he can get on base and then let the pitcher move him over with a bunt or a hit, depending on the pitcher. If that happens, Castillo would keep the inning alive.
  9. Pitcher

So there you have it. My way of getting the potential for a double play out of the lineup while keeping the speed at the top and things moving throughout the lineup.

Any questions?

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