What To Do and Who To Do It

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A home run! My kingdom for a home run! How about a clean-up hitter? That could work too.

There is little question the Mets have a lot of issues. Even Mets GM Omar Minaya has admitted to that. You can go up and down this line-up and nit-pick if you want. Yet, I have to wonder what Jerry Manuel was thinking last night putting Fernando Tatis as the clean-up hitter. Talk about your double play machine. I was sick just watching that.

Then again, who at this point would be better? There really is nobody on this team that screams, “Look at my bat. Its red hot”.

Once upon a time, that would guy would have been David Wright. Not anymore! Fans do not even know the guy who shares the name but certainly not the ablities.

Gary Sheffield is nowhere to be found. He was the lone man you could count on. Being hampered by his hamstring, he has been relegated to just sit on the bench. While some might be upset about it, it does make sense.

If you put Sheffield out there, you risk him being placed on the disabled list. I think we have enough visitors there, thank-you-very-much. If you keep him on the bench now, you can put him in to play against the Yankees because he is sure to be better after resting for a week. Then you rest him again.

So what is there left to do?

Minaya has made it clear that he is trying to make moves, but make moves that makes sense without giving up the future. Think about what the Yankees have done over the years. Gave up their farm “to win now” and they have not done that.

So Brian Cashman has had to scurry around trying to make moves over the past couple of years that help develop the farm system, yet can help the current team.

Minaya is in that boat. You do not make rash decisions because of what this team is going through. You have to go about it intelligently. Minaya has the right idea and I would not do anything differently. It is no secret that our guys on the Mets are either getting old or already are. So we need our farm system.

I keep thinking about it and really wonder if the Mets should go after a big bat or just a guy who can hit the ball. It would be much cheaper on the Mets part. If the Mets can just find ways to get on base, then that is all that is needed. Bring a guy in who can just hit a double every now and again would be great.

Look, the Mets are without Jose Reyes. If they can get a guy who can run and hit, another Carlos Beltran, they should be fine. A home run hitter would be great, but is too expensive as far as talent.

So there really is nothing the Mets can do except step up their game until the calvary arrives. So what to do? For now, nothing but produce with what you have. While they’re at it, get Tatis out of the lineup or just put him in the number eight spot.

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