Sheff and Wright To Get Rest

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Not for nothing, but I think it is about bloody time the Mets rest David Wright. What were they waiting for?

The last time the Mets rested Wright was June 24. The reason was to keep him fresh for the long haul. Well, Wright could definitely use it now.

He is lacking so much power you have to wonder if he is seriously in his right mind. Is he hurt? Is there something wrong with him and he does not want to say anything?

Rest is always a plus. So rest is what he shall receive tomorrow along with Gary Sheffield no matter what.

I understand Wright is one of the few guys left on the roster, but that does not mean you run him into the ground.

Let’s hope Wright returns with some power in his bat.

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efrain rivera

i normally agree with u but i have to put my foot down!!! lol. iam of the old school thought never ever give up games u play to win every game. its bad enough that players these days give up games but never should your leader give up games and for the second time this year manuel has given up a game. if u notice he benched everybody and their mother and look who was pitching josh johnson a big pitcher and now tomorrow he is giving up the game with gallardo pitching. coincidence? i think not as a fan what our leader jerry is saying”well we aint gonna beat this type of pitcher anyway so i will sit our main guys” that is a wrong message for our”leader” to send. he has been sending a lot of messages lately and now i wonder if he is losing it. it is easy to do with this team. and lets be honest can the new york mets afford to give up any games? have we forgotten 07 and 08? plus these are grow men and the all star break is in 2 weeks they can rest then!


I think D.Wright and Sheff could use a day off. Problem is with all the injuries and now the pressure of trying to snap a losing streak…well let’s just say Manuel cannot afford to give Wright the day off. The Mets season is now at a crossroads. The Marlins are ahead of the Mets in 2nd. Also the Mets are now under 500. And if they fall any deeper into the abyss..well the season may just be over and it really won’t matter who gets rest and when players come back.

Tanya Mercado

What has me the most worried is they are playing the Phillies this weekend. Playing the way they are, it is not a good series to get into.


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