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By / July 1, 2009 / Injuries

Joe D. over at Mets Merized Online wrote a very good blog earlier today. I wish I was able to post this sooner.

He has gotten fed up with this team like we all have. He’s also tired of hearing the blame go to the injuries the team has suffered from.

Joe’s blame has gone to the blunders the team is making on the field. I agree with him. No matter what the injuries are, the plays have to be made. There are no excuses for blunders.

Before the injuries happened, Jose Reyes was making a number of mistakes on the bases. David Wright, forever the mistake maker at third, was still throwing away balls.

So head on over and say “hi” to Joe.

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efrain rivera

thats what iam saying injuries are huge but our regular guys play like boneheads also!!!


The NY Mets haved morphed into the Bad News Bears as adults. This is really hard to watch ! Can you catch a pop up David Wright ? How bout you Omir Santos ? Can somone hit the cutoff man ? Unbelieveable this ballclub !


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