To Fire Manuel or Not To Fire Manuel?

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You do not fire him! Andrew from The ‘Ropolitans and I are in complete agreement with this.

If you think firing manager Jerry Manuel is the answer, you have more than one screw loose in your brain.

Have you not noticed he is managing a Triple-A team? You think that is easy? I understand if you have to manage one or two guys, but we have a full squad here.

Manuel’s job is not an easy one. He knows that the Mets cannot win with what they have. He said so much on June 29th then, in a shocking and unpredictable manner, was gagged by the Mets brass.

So he turns around on June 30th during a team meeting, a closed door at that which I would’ve been killing everyone,  and said, “We have what it takes to win”.

Stupid Mets brass! I like it better when Manuel is honest.

Look, Manuel is a puppet. He’s lost his fight because the Mets higher up’s killed him. If you want to yell about how he should be fired, go ahead. But you are blaming the wrong guy.

The front office is to be blamed for everything that is happening thus far into the year. Manuel is only working with what he is given.

What is he given? Absolute crap! You try managing a crappy team. I sure as heck could not. I would have marched to the front office and told them that there is only so much one person can do.

Maybe that is the problem here. Manuel is the only one who is trying. After what I saw last night, it does not look like ANYONE else is trying.

You want to argue that point? Go ahead! That’s what I see.

Manuel is alone in this fight to keep the Mets season going until GM Omar Minaya brings in some help. I know Minaya is trying, but even he said that if the team falls below .500, then it is a grave situation.

Bueno papa, aqui estamos! (Well Minaya, he we are.) Now what? Manuel needs help and he needs sooner rather than later. We will thank you ever-so-kindly if you can help us out.

I believe Minaya is trying to work things out with Manuel to bring some bats in. The Mets need more than one.

At this point, you do not fire Manuel. This season does not completely fall on him. He has made some dumb decisions, but it is not fair to totally blame him.

If the team were healthy, then you can blame him and call for his head on a silver platter. I would join you. This team is not healthy and Manuel is trying to work with what he is given.

So deal with it like everyone else. It seems like everyone is watching golf and tennis. Everyone except me.

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efrain rivera

i agree with u what is jerry to do? but he gets a bit of a hit lately cause of the message he has been sending. but no u cant fire jerry unless u r bringing bobby v back. and by the way i love when u write in espanol lol its cool.


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