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Can I get an “AMEN“?

I remember while studying in the radiology program there was this one guy in my class who would always say, “church” when he would understand what was going. I never understood why. So one day I asked him. His response?

Because nothing can go wrong in church. Everything is right…is good.

I am inclined to agree. When a person goes to church, they usually feel at peace. So is it really a wonder that we are starting to become more and more comfortable with Ryan Church? Is it a wonder that he has been saving the Mets for the past two games with the winning hits?

Nobody really ever doubted what Church is capable of. There has been a lot of speculation about how Jerry Manuel and company felt about him. But it is all speculation.

Now that he is playing more and more, he is getting the hits. When he comes to the plate, you expect him to hit. Slowly he is returning to his 2008 form. This should bring some “Hallelujah’s” from the Mets congregation.

He has raised his average to a decent .292 and is coming off a 3-for-6 outing with two ribbies including the game winning rbi against the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday. Did I mention he scored four runs?

In Church we trust. So when Church comes to the plate, just get up and scream, “CHURCH“!

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Denise Winter

I totally agree with the church theory. Only problem is, I can’t say it here because I DONT understand what is going on with this team!! lol


CHURCH!!!! with this lineup we need him bad and jerry needs to keep him in ALWAYS!!!! CAUSE IT ALWAYS GOOD TO GO TO CHURCH!!!


Ryan Church should be out there everyday for the rest of the season. He’s one of those players who i think can get better with more playing time.


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