Mets To Draw First Blood

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This weekend the New York Mets will come to a crossroads in their season. To make the playoffs or to not make the playoffs is the question the Mets will have to answer.

They roll into Philly with the need to prove they are the bigger bad-asses than the most Ghetto team in baseball, the Philadelphia Philthies.

Dirty plays by the Phillies will have no chance at messing with the minds of the Mets because the Mets will be playing like they came straight out from the ghetto that is known as the South Bronx.

All week they have been battling against good teams with a team that has been depleted of their regular players and replaced with, well, truth be told, little leaguers.

These little leaguers are going to have to make the statement the New York Mets need to make. Their season hangs in the balance with them. Are they up to the challenge?

In a city that has not shown them a lot of love, they roll. A rivalry that can rival any in any sport is what the kids will be finding themselves in. They have to find a way to forget their current situation and beat the Phillies with their pitching and their bats.

Both teams have injuries that have been crippling. The Mets’ offense has been crippled by them, but they have managed to stay in the heat of the playoff race.

The Phillies right now lack pitching. This is where the Mets will have to take advantage.

They roll into Philly with pitchers Livan “Gumby” Hernandez, Fernando “Surprise” Nieve and Johan “I’m-A-Man” Santana.

All three of these guys are coming off bad games which could work to their advantage because they will want to forget giving up a combined 11 runs.

Baseball says good pitching stops good hitting. If this is true, then the Mets have the advantage because their pitching is better than that of the Phillies, who will be placing veteran Rodrigo Lopez, Jamie Moyer, and Joe Blanton on the mound.

The Phillies have been struggling with their pitching as of late.

Here is where Mets fans can worry. No matter what, the Phillies have the better line-up with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Shane Victorino. So the Mets will need to rely heavily on their pitching to stop the Phillies hitters and keep the team in the game. The offense will definitely have to step up and hit behind their pitchers.

In addition, the Mets can ill-afford to make any errors. They will have to play flawless baseball. For a team that has played everything but fundamentals, this is no easy task.

Jerry Manuel and company are going to have to work hard with the team to keep their heads screwed on right.

So let the fight begin! Who will draw first blood? By the end of this weekend, the National League East could have a new first place team.

Let’s roll! Take no prisoners!


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LETS ROLL BABY!! we need 2 out of 3. livan will win they like the fastball and he throws junk. LETS GO METS!!! gumby i love it


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